The Hummingbird is Already a National Symbol; Number 19 of Costa Rica

    Joining a long list of national symbols

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    With the vote of 40 deputies, the Legislative Assembly defined the hummingbirds of the species “Amaziliaboucardi” and “Microcheracupreiceps” as the national symbol of the fauna of Costa Rica.This past Tuesday, the bill was given a second debate, which puts the number of national symbols that the country has at 19.Beyond the symbolic value, the initiative introduces responsibilities to several institutions to guarantee the protection of species.

    Highlighting the following:

    -Ministry of Environment and Energy: will seek the protection of hummingbird populations and habitats. This will also imply the application of national laws and international treaties associated with the protection of biodiversity.

    -Ministry of Public Education: educational programs will include awareness-raising content for the protection of birds.

    -Costa Rican Tourism Institute: the hummingbird image may be used in the local and international promotion of Costa Rica.

    The regulations also enable government institutions, non-governmental organizations, public and private companies to participate in preservation and conservation programs.

    The project was proposed by the Progressive Liberal representative, KattiaCambronero.“With this declaration we are consistent with our discourse of sustainable development. A development that respects the environment, but also serves as an incentive to promote local economic initiatives such as rural tourism, research and friendly agricultural production practices,” mentioned the deputy.

    Expanding list

    The hummingbird joins a long list of national symbols. It joins the yigüirro, manatee, sloth, white-tailed deer, and morpho butterfly as animals in this range.The Guanacaste tree, the guariamorada, the cart and the marimba have also been declared national symbols.

    Historical elements such as pre-Columbian spheres or the Torch of Independence have also been recognized; natural areas such as the ChirripóCrestones; architectural buildings such as the National Theater; agricultural such as coffee or cultural such as boyeo or masquerades.Of course, the flag, the shield and the National Anthem are also included in the list.

    The only deputy who voted against the project was the ruling party Manuel Morales, who is promoting a proposal to regulate the creation of national symbols.

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