The “Green Fair” Is Turning 9 Years of Great Sustainable Activities

It Is Different from Other Projects for Showing Love towards Our Planet

The 9th anniversary of the “Green Fair” arrived, a Costa Rican project carried out by the Organic Lovers Association (AAMOR).

The Green Fair is different from other projects for its perseverance, dedication, multiplication of values, and love towards our planet. It is an admirable example, that is directed towards a more sustainable and conscious world, for that reason, we will tell you much more, so that you do not lose track of it.

The Green Fair offers a great variety of natural organic products for everyone

In 2010, the Organic Lovers Association, made up of people committed and concerned about everything that surrounds us, decided to create the Green Fair, as a national and regional benchmark of totally organic markets.

Currently, the growth of participants from all spaces in Costa Rica can be observed, all with the focus towards a healthier life, art, culture and fair trade through production and agriculture.

Where is the Green Fair held? It will be at the Polideportivo de Aranjuez (7:00 AM to 12:30 PM), where it is on Saturday, May 18th will be the celebration you cannot miss it. There will be activities for all those passionate about environment who wish to promote integral, physical, environmental, economic, and social health. The Green Fair is a unique meeting space that will leave you with great satisfaction, beyond the enjoyment of values, contributions towards a healthier life and a more sustainable environment. Your body will appreciate each assistance and equally each artist or farmer, who reflect in their products their best intention for the growth of a diverse population, in love with their biodiversity and attentive to their physical-emotional health.

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