The Costa Rica News (TCRN) is Now 13 Years Old! And Maintains Its Essence: “A Different Way Of Keeping You Well Informed”

    A unique form of seeing the newscelebrates its 13th anniversary

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    Our anniversary has always become the perfect excuse to talk about the beauty of Costa Rica and of course, our country has taken care overtime to present us with its very best in order to carry out our informative work.

    The advancement of technology today allows initiatives like ours to be consolidated over time. Today are users can meet face to face with The Costa Rica News. Let’s get to know the heart of that unique way for watching the news and add more meaning to our iconic phrase:¡Pura Vida!

    About us

    A digital medium with the solidity of more than 10 years contributing its news sense to the national journalistic field. In addition to this, our experience is notorious for an impeccable and uninterrupted work that supports the commitment with Ticosociety.

    There is a remarkable team of professionals and a very good technological platform. What makes the ideal compendium in terms of the avant-garde and sophistication that the media have today at a global level.

    Our mission is to keep you well informed

    Our mission is to produce and distribute objective and current information in order to satisfy the needs of the reading public, who also enjoy the extraordinary quality of news and service offered by the team that runs our publication.

    Breaking the geographical barriers that separate us

    Achieve excellence, as well as making world public opinion aware of what is being done in our region of the world, The Costa Rica News team is focused on maintaining local leadership by consolidating an innovative character and providing increasingly better service to its loyal readers in order to expand their horizons as the collective needs of the nation increase. All this joins the strengthening and improvement of the quality of products and processes as well as the human resource committed to this task of continuing to develop our information portal.

    Come share with us, celebrate our anniversary with your talent

    On this occasion and to commemorate our 13th anniversary, we invite you to be part of our publication. If you have a story to tell about our country, if you are a writer or historian, send us your works so that they can be shared with everyone through our portal.

    Your contribution allows us to continue informing

    In these times it is important to value every aspect that surrounds us; That is why, based on this premise, we ask for your support so we can continue with the goal of keeping you well informed. Your donation is appreciated via PayPal through the following address [email protected]

    Resonance Costa Rica

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