The Costa Rica News (TCRN), 12 Years Bringing “Pura Vida” Alternative News

    A dream come true 12 years ago, #Aniversariovirtual

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    Like you, we are tired of corporate media that is politically driven and one sided. So we decided to focus on news that’s important to people. We’re Creating a Conscious alternative news network that we feel the world needs and we need your help! We can’t do this without you! Support news and media that matters and that can help change our world!

    Today we want to exalt the benefits of Costa Rica, the Latin American country that has allowed us to grow as professionals with the help of its founder, Visionary Daniel Yepez. This is an article that does not resemble the others because through this edition its own protagonists speak. Those who make sure that everything within The Costa Rica News works perfectly. To all of them our recognition, Happy Anniversary!

    Daniel Yepez, Vision of the Future Entrepreneur

    Daniel Yepez
    Daniel Yepez

    Contacting Daniel Yepez for this special is synonymous with innovation. Well, Yepez always brings with him a new learning idea that, as time goes by, it turns into large and consolidated projects. Let us know from his own perspective what this new anniversary means, an anniversary like no other, a virtual anniversary.

    Daniel tells us that for over 12 years he still feels adolescent in terms of media, he is proud to stand out through this medium and be an ambassador for a great small country like Costa Rica. On the other hand, he announced that he is driven by passion and love and that is what he wants to convey in these complex times. His goal is to convey that we are made of “Pure Life, that essence of Costa Rica.”

    He also stated that today he can feel proud of the TCRN Family that they are, being a welcome portal for those who want to know more about Costa Rica, enjoy tourism in the country or simply be that accurate information for the common citizen of our land. Bring that information that makes the country an example to the world.

    Finally, he expresses that it goes without saying that Costa Rica presents an opportunity for those who seek a better quality of life. And for those who consider Costa Rica as their main home and through us we can send them this positive vibration.

    Female Staff, Added Value with a Special Touch

    Since its inception, our publication has had the joy and recognition of having great women knowledgeable about the media and empowered, giving their best to develop this great informative work.

    Norka Rico… Journalist, mother

    “Communication of the stature of The Costa Rica News, is knowing how to organize the time to be able to fulfill your other roles as a woman and as a wife. Which I would not change for anything because motherhood is the fullest stage in a woman’s life. Today I have learned perfectly to combine my work as a mother with my passion, which is to inform and entertain”. 


    Beleida Delgado

    TCRN is more than a feeling, it is a passion. I can personally say that my entry into TCRN has been a very rewarding experience in terms of personal and professional growth. Learning new things and putting them into practice to the point of exceeding my own expectations has been extremely enjoyable. I see my co-workers as friends and why not as a small “virtual family”, in addition to this, the fact of meeting authors with an important trajectory (Bruce Callow, Donald Lee, Melissa Louise, David Roldan, Chema Medina, Dr. Arnab Chakrabarty) and making my culture known and sharing both has been of great personal growth, that being the case, even though 2020 was a busy year, I must say that I am grateful to belong to TCRN”. Our programmer points out.


    Danimar Silva

    Social networks are a window into the future. For me it has been an experience full of blessings. One of the things that I highlight most about this type of work is that it has allowed me in particular to grow hand in hand with Mr. Yepez himself. The same one with which I am very grateful since it is no secret to anyone that social networks are in constant change, so if I don’t know something I can grow with the learning experience. Expresses Silva, our Community Manager.


    Maria Donare, A seasoned and all-terrain Journalist

    Developing this special work by sharing with Donaire has been a doubly satisfying experience for us. Well, those of us who know about the professional career of this communicator celebrate the publication of her most recent investigative work contained in a book and in turn we rejoice that she is part of our team. We also take the opportunity to ask her what being part of this digital medium has meant in her life: “TCRN has been a constant example in a world that is going through moments of Pandemic yet another anniversary of an entrepreneurial medium that shows a curious lens of the wonders of Costa Rica”.

    ¡Pura Vida!

    Gerardo Méndez, Knowledge full of experiences

    “The Costa Rica News for me has been a beautiful experience that has filled my life with great satisfaction”. Despite the fact that Méndez holds one of the most complex positions in this project as editor-in-chief, his gratitude goes beyond any difficulty. He is empathetic when mentioning that the great TCRN family is motivating, supportive, and always encourages teamwork. 


    Guillermo Aguledo, TCRN is a challenging experience

    “One of the priorities for me is the readers. Giving them great articles to read, to find out about current affairs. Every day I learn more about my work which I enjoy very much, my north is to be proactive, belonging to TCRN is an experience of challenges and intertwined union of friendship”, says Aguledo, programmer within our digital medium.


    Rafael Istúriz, Technology is a daily learning

    According to Istùriz, the most gratifying part of his work is focused on the technological learning that development within the communication medium gives. Besides, he points out that the implementation of solutions to create a better functioning of the page has allowed him a great learning experience. Finally, he points out that for him, it’s not work rather it’s fun.


    Valdemar Lozada

    “Working at TCRN has been an unprecedented experience”. Lozada commented that his entry into the media has put his knowledge to the test since today he can define them as great technical challenges for the operation of the website. Its north is to bring users a great experience.


    Héctor Méndez, full of Pura Vida

    “This project is a school where teachings and opportunities prevail, working for this means of communication which I feel is mine, I have learned that teamwork is essential, on the anniversary, I congratulate all for the contribution made to journalism in Costa Rica and to society in general, TCRN will always be pura vida”, expressed Héctor who currently works as the web master.


    Carlos Silva

    “TCRN has shown me that dreams do come true”. The social communicator confessed that being able to be in several transitions in this project has left him an invaluable learning. In the same way, he reveals that one of the things that has fed him the most in his career as a communicator has been that this work allows him to grow with each requirement and each update of the media. For his career it has been a dream come true to develop the coordination of a medium of this size and to have some colleagues who in his opinion have become part of his family.

    Finally, we remind all our readers to follow our social networks to obtain more information on the activities that will be taking place within the framework of this virtual celebration. And let there be many more … congratulations!

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