The Art City Tour kicks off again tonight

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    by TCRN Staff

    Starting today, night and art will become strategic partners to attract visitors to the Costa Rican capital.

    The fourth edition of Art City Tour, a nine-night tour of San Jose art spaces, including both state museums and private galleries will start tonight at 6:30pm.

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    All you need is the desire to see art, for transportation as well as the museum entrance are free tonight.

    “You just have to come and ride the small buses provided to go see artistic offerings as varied and interesting as our capital has to offer,” said event coordinator, Henry Bastos.

    The Art City Tour was first conducted in September 2008, at an initiative by Karpio Jacob Gallery, and to date, various other museums and private spaces have joined in.

    Bastos explained, each of the minibuses will be identified with a color (red, blue and orange) and each visit different places, so that participants must work a bit to see all of the different spaces.

    The course covers the following areas: Museum of Contemporary Art and Design Gallery, Jacob Karpio, Central Bank Museums, National Museum, SJO Quisco Boutique, Restaurant Kaloo, Gallery Valanti, Teor Foundation / Museum Teor ethics / ethics.

    The tour lasts two hours and the place to start is the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (formerly Fanal). At each point there will be departures from minibuses every 20 minutes and also guided tours of the respective exhibitions.

    The organization confirmed that participants can be reassured about security, as several Municipal Police officers will be present at all points of travel.

    “Each of the three previous editions at Art City Tour summoned about 450 people, and hopefully they will come again in this opportunity,” said Bastos.

    Those who dare to experience the San Jose cultural evening will see from most contemporary artistic expressions to pre-Columbian archaeological treasures, currency, or Latin American art works.

    No reservation is necessary, but punctuality is recommended to take the minibuses.

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