TamarindoTakes Action to Clean the Beach

    Reducing waste and pollution that reaches the sea

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    Currently it is estimated that 89% of the fish in the Las Baulas Marine Park contain microplastics in their bodies. For this reason, ADI Tamarindo and the IUS Latam Innovation and Sustainability Agency designed and have been executing since August 2021 an infrastructure and solid waste management project to reduce waste and pollution that reaches the sea from streams and water pipes.

    The mitigation initiative contemplates the infrastructure area, the installation of a solid waste filter system at 10 strategic points of the rainwater pipe network coming from the community and the implementation of 3 eco-gardens that act as biofilters of the water before reaching the sea

    Strengthening the capacity for action

    In addition, an awareness campaign is carried out aimed at the commitment of various actors in Tamarindo, which allows strengthening the capacity for action of citizens and organizations such as Bandera Azul Playa Tamarindo, Ecodesi and The Clean Wave.

    The action has an impact on sustainable and regenerative development. It seeks to protect the well-being of its inhabitants, the local economy and the biodiversity heritage of the bay and the Las Baulas National Marine Park.

    The public and private sectors, tourists and the community of Tamarindo have been working for 5 months in coordination and with an interdisciplinary approach to manage waste and a paradigm shift focused on sustainable economic development, to date various activities have been carried out with the community and the installation in 1 of the 10 points present in the infrastructure of the filter system.

    Sustainable development

    According to Elizabeth Cole, President of the Tamarindo Comprehensive Development Association, she stated that the primary objective of this alliance is the sustainable development of the destination with projects aimed at protecting the environment that also have an impact on the social sphere and public safety.

    “The Association currently has an experienced and highly motivated team to carry out high-impact actions for the community,” added Cole.HernanImhoff, President of the Tamarindo Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (CCTT), supports the development of these types of projects that benefit both the conservation of marine life, collective awareness and the benefit of the community and therefore of commerce and tourists who visit our beaches.

    “Cleaning the beach is one of the points that we have insisted on the most as an organization, together with the Santa Cruz Environment Commission. In recent years we have supported various efforts in the environmental field”, highlighted the President of the CCTT

    Canadian support

    For his part, James K. Hill, Ambassador of Canada, stressed that “Canada firmly believes in the importance of protecting the environment and natural resources, including the oceans, coasts and marine life. This commitment is embodied in our international assistance policies and priorities.

    “We recognize that Tamarindo Bay is a beautiful treasure, both for the local population and for tourists, and is also an important engine for the economic development of Costa Rica. For this reason, we are pleased to support the Tamarindo Beach Comprehensive Development Association through the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives in its efforts to ensure that this area remains clean and is an example for other coastal marine spaces about the differentiating power of small actions”, specified the Ambassador.

    The Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, administered by the Canadian Embassy in Costa Rica, supports the initiative through a non-reimbursable financial cooperation amounting to 39,000 Canadian dollars (around USD $31,000).
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