Swimmer Génesis Bolandi, A Tico Swimmer Who Breaks Records

    Learn all about how the young athlete managed to break Sylvia Poll's 37-year swimming record...

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    A few days ago, we had a pleasant conversation with the Costa Rican swimmer, Genesis Bolandi, who at 16 years old broke the record of Sylvia Poll. The record was 37 years in force in the 100-meter backstroke.

    Sylvia Poll’s previous record in June 1986, had a time of 1:06.75, on the other hand, Genesis registered a time of 1:04.77 in the 2023 National Short Swimming Pool Championship.

    Let’s say it was double the athlete’s achievement that year! Also, on November 5, Genesis surpassed the mark in the 200m backstroke category with a time of 2:21.66, being the previous one of Veronica Quesada from 2016 with 2:24.41.

    It should be noted that the fact of beating two records is the product of many years of training guided by Osvaldo Chaves (coach) since they had set that as a goal “I was very honored to achieve it, happy and grateful to my family and Jaked for so much support.

    Roots of an athlete

    Bolandi, is a native of San José, specifically Carmen de Guadalupe.

    She studied at the José Cubero Muñoz school and is currently studying at the Liceo Mata de Plátano school. Next year she will enter fifth grade and has as her plans: to be able to get a scholarship to study at the university and in that way, continue practicing her sport, improving herself day by day, becoming a professional.

    Regarding the teachings that her parents have lovingly imparted to Genesis, she emphasizes, fighting for what she proposes and not letting anyone tell her that she can not or is not capable of achieving it and that when she starts to do something, she must give the greatest effort to finish it.

    The young Costa Rican girl is inspired by her country, Costa Rica, which is a free nation and a friendly place with good prospects in the field of sports.

    Her beginnings in the sport

    In Genesis Bolandi’s family, everyone has always practiced some sporting discipline, mainly her father who instilled in her since she was a child – to do sports.

    “When I was little my dad took me to practice athletics because she and my family did it, but I didn’t like it, which is why they took me to the world of swimming, and today I have been swimming for 6 years with dedication,” she said.

    Her biggest motivation is her family and her trainer.

    Her training routine starts at 5:30 in the morning, going for a run, then she goes to the gym, and in the afternoon from 5 to 7 p.m., she swims in the pool.

    For Genesis, swimming is an individual sport, although sometimes there are relays and teamwork; there are 4 styles butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle, there is also the combined, which is the set of all styles. The young athlete’s specialty is the backstroke, but many times she likes to swim and work with the combined style.

    Currently, she swims any type of event from the 50 to the 1,500 in all styles, but she stands out most in the 50, 100, and 200 backstroke and combined events.

    Among her aspirations in the sport is to reach the Olympics.

    Difficult moments 

    Now, Bolandi commented that she is going through a difficult time with her sports practice: “The pool has been closed for 4 months and we have had to move to different places where we borrow the pools, the level has dropped because it is not the same training time, it is also complicated by the distances and combine school, schedules have been difficult, there affects me because there are days that I can not get to train,” she added.

    Competitions and achievements of Genesis

    In Costa Rica different types of tournaments are held once a month, in each one of them, most of the time Genesis has won 6 to 8 medals once a year; also National Sports Games are held where 5 events are swum and she usually always wins the 5 medals of first, second or third in different events and styles.

    She already has 4 consecutive years in the Asmago team and has had the pleasure of competing in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Mexico where she has won several gold, silver, and bronze medals.

    Important fact: In Mexico, she broke the record of 100 meters backstroke in her category; she has participated in 2 junior world championships, one that took place last year (2022) in Peru and the year (2023) in Israel.

    In the Central American and Caribbean, she has left her seal ¡Pura Vida!

    Sports Visualization

    Genesis is anxious to start the Olympic cycle, to be able to go to a Central American, Pan American, or World Championship, and to achieve the ultimate goal, the Olympics.

    Among the important competitions for next year (2024) are the National Sports Games, in addition to the Central American and Caribbean Championship to be held in Mexico.

    We wish him all the success in the world…TCRN

    More details about her life

    Génesis Bolandi admires the Tico boxer Yokasta Valle, “because, despite all the difficulties she had, she is succeeding in the sport”.

    The talented young woman has as hobbies, listening to music and watching movies, especially when she has free time she enjoys sleeping.

    Virtues and defects in her eyes: “I am cheerful, nice and I make a great effort in the things I do; I am characterized by being disciplined and, regarding the bad things, I am demanding and self-critical.

    Finally, the swimmer expressed a message for the followers of the world and it is that “everyone should have a short or long term goal, make an effort, have the discipline to achieve it and, although sometimes the road is very difficult, “never give up, there will be people who will tell you -you can not do it-, -nor achieve it-, but believe in your intuition, go ahead to achieve that goal”.

    If you want to know all the sports movements of Génesis, you can follow her on Instagram: @_genesis_bolandi_ and on Facebook: Génesis Bolandi.

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