“Pura Vida”: A Phrase That Makes the Idiosyncrasy of a Great Country

    We have all used the phrase Pura vida at some point; but do you really know its origin

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    In our Costa Rica there is a phrase, a proper connotation that manages to encompass what we are (exuberant landscapes, beautiful women and a gentilicio of great candor and sweetness), undoubtedly, the expression is: “Pura Vida” (Pure Life), encompassing that typical sentiment from all Ticos are made.

    This fresh and catchy phrase symbolizes for the Costa Rican people several important elements that generally go hand in hand with values and ways of living from a more positive and spiritual perspective. These elements include happiness, abundance, positivism and wanting to treasure simple aspects like caring for and preserving nature in order to pass it on to the new generations.

    “Pura Vida”, origin of a phrase that over time would give identity to an entire country

    There are several investigations to find the exact origin of this phrase that today has become an essential part of the Costa Rican people. For Víctor Manuel Sánchez Corrales, a researcher at the University of Costa Rica, the origin of this phrase was established in the country at the end of the 1940s, making such an echo and penetrating in such a way within the locals that over time it would become the main synonym for presentation of the natives of some localities to consolidate their subsequent popularity throughout the national territory as time passed.

    Mexican origin

    For its part, and as a curious fact, it is appropriate to mention that it is also believed that the origin and popularization of this phrase is due to a Mexican film that was recorded during 1955 entitled ¡Pura Vida! And directed by Gilberto Martínez Solares.

    This film had the participation of great artists who marked the golden era of Mexican cinema, in which the names of actors such as Antonio Espinoza y Mora, better known as Claviullazo, and the famous actor Ramón Valdez, who later became widely known for his character as Don Ramón in the series “El Chavo del 8”.
    As additional information, this film was released in our country in 1956, so even today there are certain doubts if it was from there that the popularity and acceptance of this terminology was developed. However, the popularity of this phrase is attributed to what is narrated within the film.

    The Costa Rican Tourism Institute ITC embraces “Pura Vida”

    It is no secret to anyone that the ITC is also responsible for spreading and finishing to consolidate the popularity of this phrase throughout the country. Until it becomes a protagonist in any talk or meeting that takes place on Costa Rican soil.

    For his part, Sánchez Corrales affirms that the term term to penetrate the Costa Rican people and even increased its popularity was due to the campaign launched by the ITC during the 90s where they promoted tourism in all of its expressions.

    Without a doubt we are noble people and great people. And always you let yourself be pampered by an abundance of “Pura Vida”.

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