Sweets of Yesteryear Return to Pamper Costa Rican Palates

    Our meeting today is with Freddy Padilla Ceo of "DulcesTradicionales" who will give us some Tips of yesterday's Ticosweets

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    Today it is no secret to anyone that the traditional Costa Rican confectionery has lost the space of privilege that it had in previous decades, compared to today’s offer of industrially processed products.

     However, there are still entrepreneurs with the desire and passion to educate the palates of new generations through the unmistakable flavor of traditional sweets that brightened and colored the childhood of our parents and grandparents.Melcochas, alfeñiques, peanut butter, prestiños, Topoyiyos, cajetas and endless other delicacies have been part of the culinary heritage of Costa Rica.

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     Entrepreneurship rescues our traditions

    With the premise of bringing memories to the memory of those of us who are over 30 years old, a wonderful idea was born from the hand of Freddy Padilla who seeks to reconquer the palate of Costa Ricans with artisanal products. In addition, with whom we had the pleasure of talking so that he could share with us some of the best kept secrets of these ancient recipes.

    Talking with Freddy is pleasant because he radiates a very positive energy, he does not have a favorite sweet but did make us aware of the passion for reconnecting through his 100% handmade products with the palate of the Ticos.

    His goal is to bring these treats back into fashion and for them to be reintroduced to the family through grandparents and parents. So that in that way everyone knows not only how delicious these treats are, but also the work that they entail, what makes them unique and much healthier.

    Going even further into the matter, we discover “Los Topoyiyos” a kind of palette based on syrup of striking colors. Which reminds us that a few years ago what was common in the streets of our country was the artisanal sweets.

    Endless goodies

    The more we continue to advance in our conversation, endless goodies continue to come out and the next thing Freddy spoke to us about was Los coquitos or manizales; a candy that will surely remind you when they took you for a ride on the train.

    One of the products that is also very liked and sought after according to Freddy himself and that also brings back many pleasant memories to our memory are undoubtedly the Guaritos this is a kind of chocolate that is filled with liquor the presentations that are offered today by our interviewee are one with the traditional Costa Rican guaro and the other with Whisky.

    When we approach him on how this idea was born, he emphatically answers that it was born through our desire to want to relive everything that our parents and grandparents ate in their childhood.

    Likewise, he focuses on the fact that his enterprise is very beautiful because it will allow the smallest of the house to exercise a connection with their ancestors through sweets.

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