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    We prepare a list of 7 places to camp in Costa Rica. All the places are distributed in different areas of the country.

    If your thing is to set up the tent, buy the food and have a good time with good company, have paper in hand, here is this list to share.

    La Marta Wildlife Refuge

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    Just an hour and a half from San José, La Marta Wildlife Refuge is located in the Cordillera de Talamanca, between the tributaries of the La Marta, Gato and Atirro rivers, and the Rio Forest Reserve Male; It is in turn part of the Friendship Biosphere Reserve considered by UNESCO as Natural Heritage of Humanity.

    The road to the refuge is quite winding, but with beautiful rural landscapes, en route to Pejibaye de Cartago. You can drive to the camping area that is inside the forest (each group must bring their own tent and food.

    Each ranch has its own sink for washing and benches and tables for eating. In addition, toilets and showers are located near the ranch. In the Refuge there is no electricity, but they have a generating plant that is connected when there are guests in the hostel, only from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

    The hot water showers in the hostel work with gas and connect from 6:30 to 7:00 a.m.

    Hidden Treasure Waterfall and La Gota Viewpoint: 90 minutes from San José, a hike full of adventure awaits you, mud, a few rivers and good steps !!

    Tesoro Escondido Waterfall and La Gota Viewpoint

    Located in the area of Bajos del Toro, Sarchí Norte, the Tesoro Escondido Waterfall and La Gota Viewpoint are waiting for you, the waterfall is about 65 meters high, and its special characteristic is its intense blue color, which is born from the Desagüe River. The color is due to the fact that the river is born on the slopes of the Poás volcano and carries the mineral that produces the visual effect.

    The La Gota viewpoint is located within the property, as well as 3 pools with a natural slide and in the same way with a blue tone, to reach the top of the viewpoint you must climb 465 steps. They offer a camping area near the restaurant and for vehicles.

    Don Manuel Lagoon

    This lagoon is located within a private reserve for the conservation and protection of wildlife. When visiting the lagoon, you will have the opportunity to enjoy with your family the landscape of the cloud forest, its natural wealth and scenic beauty. It is placed within the list of lakes and lagoons of Costa Rica.

    Don Manuel Solís and Don Ciro Solís, founded this farm in the 1950s, originally as a dairy and agricultural farm for potatoes and vegetables. Today Don Ciro has it dedicated to tourism with the vision of offering that space for healthy recreation that was a tradition on a typical picnic in Costa Rica. It is important to take into account that you cannot swim in the lagoon, nor can you fish. What is allowed is camping on the site.

    Laguna de Hule

    The Laguna Hule is, perhaps, one of the most beautiful in the country and the wildlife refuge where “Bosque Alegre” is located is one of the places with high tourist potential, both for its scenic beauty and for the abundance and biological diversity present in the surrounding forest.

    This wonder is located in the canton of Río Cuarto, in the province of Alajuela, about 11 km away from the Poás Volcano, 8 km from Cariblanco, and 61 km from San José.

    To get there you will have to access the path of the Bosque Alegre viewpoint, and from there descend about 500 meters to the base of the lagoon (a journey of between 30 minutes and 1 hour).

    The lagoon is open to bathers who wish to swim in the crystalline waters of the crater, which stretches about 1,150m² and has a depth of 26.5 meters (the deepest in the country). There is also a picnic area and trails that will take you to the other neighboring lagoons.

    Bosque Caricias

    It is a private ecological reserve of 15 hectares located on Cerro Caricias, in Concepción de San Isidro de Heredia. The consumption of drugs or alcohol is prohibited; music is prohibited, at any time or volume; Pets must be kept on a leash at all times; additionally it is forbidden to make bonfires outside designated areas; If you bring a grill, you must use it outside the ranches and viewpoints and you must collect all the garbage. They do not have electricity in the ranches, they have showers and toilets. You will also have 5km of trails within the forest to walk, suitable for all ages and conditions.

    Cerro Iztarú

    It is located in San Vicente de Tres Ríos. In this place is the Iztarú National School Camp, of Guides and Scouts, however, you can visit it without problem just 1 hour from San José. You can climb to the top of a mountain called Copete de Pepe, it is so called because it is a Figueres (Pepe Figueres) farm.

    The hill has a beautiful view of Cartago and the Irazú Volcano, with trails and even an obstacle course. Iztarú is not only a hill full of scouts, it is a family recreational space, safe, close and fun for all those who want to live an adventure.

    Iztarú has several subcamps or camping areas: Aquitava, Camaquiri, Cocorí, Coo, Curime, Chirripó, Garabito, Nosara and Quepó.

    All areas have what is necessary for camping: areas for bonfires, showers, latrines and shelters with roofs and a grill. In the latter you can hold meetings, prepare food with charcoal or firewood and play parlor games, among other activities.

    Finca La Lucha

    They are located 45 minutes from Cartago, you can enjoy: natural lake, trails, camping areas, waterfall, Downhill track, Cross track, paintball area. Each attraction has a distance of up to 8 km from each other, since the farm is quite extensive.

    You will have more than 20 km of trails for walking and cycling. They offer 2 camping areas within the farm, one located in the natural lake sector, which has sanitary services and drinking water, and another located 6 km from the lake, which has toilets, showers, drinking water and electricity.

    In the natural lake sector there are 10 ranches; 5 of these have a grill, these are NOT reserved, they are assigned according to availability at the time of arrival. On weekends there are horses and boats for rent.

    What you should not forget for your camping day:

    – First aid kit with gauze, bandages, cotton, needle, scissors, hydrogen peroxide and if you take any medicine, do not forget to take with you.

    – Matches or lighter for the campfire.

    – Knife or Swiss Army Knife in case you need it to repair something or to set up the tent

    – Nuts, cereal bars and fruits that are excellent sources of energy for walks

    – Water

    – Tent, sleeping bags and blankets

    – Flashlights or spotlights

    – Map or compass

    – Appropiate clothes

    Insect repellent

    Resonance Costa Rica

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