Preparing Your Own Antibacterial Gel at Home

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    Use Antibacterial Gel
    gel antibacterial

    The spread of Coronavirus is keeping the world on edge and has left most drug stores and even online portals without sanitary supplies like antibacterial gel, face masks, and even soap.

    As a solution, the World Health Organization (WHO) indicates a simple procedure that allows preparing your own antibacterial gel to stay protected.

    If we want to avoid the spread of diseases, such as the Coronavirus, the best way is to wash your hands frequently and if it is with antibacterial gel, much better.

    Is homemade antibacterial gel really effective?

    Homemade antibacterial gel will be effective as lonAntinaturalg as it has a concentration of at least 60% isopropyl alcohol, and you will have to mix with Aloe Vera to stabilize it and not irritate your hands.

    Specialists suggest that the mixture contain at least two thirds of 98% isopropyl alcohol and one third of Aloe Vera.

    It is best to ignore the occasional suggestion to use etilic alcohol instead of isopropyl alcohol, since these spirits are only 40% alcohol and are mixed with other components.

    How to make sure that the antibacterial gel has had a disinfecting effect?

    To make sure that the antibacterial gel has been efetiveand is working correctly, try to apply enough gel on your hands and rub until they have completely dried. Using just a few drops on your hands and then remove it with your clothes, napkin or towel will not help.

    In the case of children, it is more advisable to wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds than to use the antibacterial gel.

    Only if you do not have soap and water on hand, should parents use a few drops of antibacterial gel to disinfect your child’s hands.Your responsibility as a parent is to explain to your child how to use the antibacterial gel.

    You should take into account that this product is not safe for babies or very small children, since they could put their hands in their mouths or touch their faces before the product has dried completely.

    After you have learned well how to prepare it, show your friends, family and classmates how to prepare and use it.The Aloe Vera component in the gel helps hydrate and soften the skin, giving regenerating properties to the gel.


    98% Isopropyl alcohol



    Distilled water.

    Aloe Vera


    Combine the ingredients in a clean container introducing them in the following order, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, aloe vera. The mixture has to be previously three quarters filled with sterilized distilled water, keep in mind that at all times, alcohol tends to evaporate very quickly, so it is convenient to keep the container always covered. Place the mixture in a clean bottle with a dispenser or pump.

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