Joha, the Heroic Dog Who Saved a Group of Workers in Cartago, Costa Rica

    Dog barked incessantly to alert its owner that massive flood waters were heading towards his workshop

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    A heavy downpour was falling in Ujarrás, in Paraíso de Cartago. Adrián Madrigal, in the company of his father and brother, were concentrated in their cabinetmaking workshop, striving to finish some doors that they had to deliver in Heredia. Joha, a three-year-old German shepherd, accompanied them.

    Suddenly Joha, Madrigal’s pet, became restless and began to bark incessantly. The dog’s insistence alerted Adrián, who when looking back saw massive flood waters heading towards the workshop. The Regado river overflowed due to the heavy rains that had started at 4:00 a.m. In seconds the flood passed through the middle of the workshop leaving destruction in its wake.

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    Saving our lives

    “All the material was lost, but the important thing is that we get out alive. Joha saved us. We barely managed to get out on time and get to a safe place. It is hard to assimilate. Life changes and everything is valued more”, Madrigal narrated, who shared Joha’s story.

    “It was a scenario to lose your life. Now I see Joha differently. She has been with me for 4 months and I had a special affection for her, but now I feel an eternal love, she saved us”, added the young man.

    Madrigal told that until a few months ago he worked as a taxi driver, but the situation got complicated and together with his father and brother they set up a workshop located in Piedra Azul de Ujarrás.

    Although the unfortunate event occurred two weeks ago, the family continues cleaning and repairing some machinery that did not go with the overflow. The land where the workshop is located is considered in high risk, so they are waiting for the authorities to make evaluations.

    Born again

    “I was born again. If it hadn’t been for the dog we’d be dead. The ‘avalanche’ came to us from behind the workshop, we were on our back and we were not going to notice it,” recalled Adrián.

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