Costa Rican National Dance Workshop Launches Scholarship Program

    With a budget of ¢ 35 million

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    With an initial budget content of ¢ 35 million, the Costa Rican National Dance Workshop (TND), launched the call for its new Program of Artistic Residencies Creating Scene – RACE 2021, with the aim of promoting and encouraging scenic research, theory, circulation of works and the creation of dance projects.

    The program consists of the granting of scholarships in the form of artistic residencies and exhibition of finished and in-process works, with a view to revitalizing the national scenic sector.

    Institutional commitment

    “RACE21 is the result of more than 2 years of work and institutional commitment. This fund commits us to continue and promote innovation, research and interdisciplinarity to respond in a novel and timely way to the current needs of the dance sector”, explained Christopher Díaz, Artistic Director of the National Dance Workshop.

    The program has four categories of participation, two of them aimed at young artists, between 18 and 35 years of age, who will be able to develop processes of choreographic creation at the TND headquarters or at the facilities of the Civic Centers by the Paz de Pococí, Aguas Zarcas, Garabito and Santa Cruz.

    The third category is aimed at developing research processes based on the qualification standard: “Contemporary dance creation, promotion and performance” of the National Qualifications Framework.In this category, professionals with a career and experience in dance or careers related to the 7 competencies of the dance qualifications standard may participate.

    Finally, the category of “Boost to Circulation” is aimed at independent groups, which seeks to influence the link of dissemination and circulation of the value chain of the performing arts sector.

    The call is opened until Sunday July 25th. The bases and regulations can be consulted through the official Facebook page of the National Dance Workshop. It will also attend inquiries through the emails [email protected]

     And [email protected]

    Resonance Costa Rica

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