Special: Get to Know the Jobs of the Digital World

    Within the framework of International Worker's Day, we present for you a series of jobs that, thanks to technology, make a difference.

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    For many people their jobs no longer mean spending 8 hours or more sitting in an office; Thanks to technology, the work environment is becoming an aspect that increasingly endows us with new and powerful tools.

    Taking into account that the world is very changeable and technologies advance by leaps and bounds these days. The chores of the world cannot be left behind.

    The technological transformation of society has been one of the main consequences, but the impact of the new tools has not stopped there.

    Inevitably, all this has reached the business field and the relations between employees and companies are no longer the same. We are on the scene that the rules of the jobs of the new era are being rewritten thanks to technology.


    “Choose a job that you like and you will not have to work a day of your life.” Confucius.

    Meaning of this day in history.

    The commemoration of this day was given in honor of the 8 o’clock labor struggle and in a minority of the brave ones who raised their voices against this scourge.

    Likewise, this celebration is known internationally as the day of the worker. Thus paying tribute to the American strikers. “The Martyrs of the City of Chicago” participated in the factory shutdown in 1886.

    Autonomous worker.

    The freelancer traditionally known as a self-employed worker is a person who works independently on their account for people or companies that hire their professional services.

    Despite the replacement of certain types of manual jobs, technological progress helps increase productivity and employment in other sectors.

    Jobs of the future, which have become the now.

    This evolution from fixed work patterns to highly flexible ones is a journey that many entrepreneurs are currently embarking on. And what are you waiting for to start your trip? It will take you on a digital adventure.

    On the other hand, it is appropriate to mention that the evolution of this type of work has currently occurred more rapidly due to the pandemic situation that the world is experiencing, which has led man to digitize at its best. Detaching from this situation various business roles that we present below.

    Virtual assistant.

    This concept defines a professional who can provide his services related to the administrative, creative and technical part to a series of industries from a remote location.

    Web designer.

    This term defines the person who is in charge of structuring a web page in the same way that an architect builds a house in the real world.


    It could be defined as a copywriter. Well, its main function stands out in writing texts. Most of them advertising cut following the regulations and tools suggested by the corporation to which they belong.

    Community manager

    Its concept refers to everything that has to do with the management and development of social networks. These networks are managed by communication professionals in many cases to grow a brand or service.

    Working from home or not also implies developing excellent work. It is very important to note that we all play a very important role within society, so happy worker’s day. Continue with your work making our society great, worthy and proud.

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