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    On this occasion, I will narrate some stories from real life as examples where fear is the protagonist. In this way they will have an idea of what can happen in the mind of a person who is dominated by fear or panic:

    A lady had to undergo a very painful medical examination, her previous experience was not pleasant, she knew what she would feel. When he arrived at the laboratory for the test, he began to feel the symptoms that precede a heart attack. She was taken to the emergency room.

    After practicing all the necessary tests, the heart attack was ruled out, they determined that the person was healthy and everything was a product of the mind. Before returning for the exam, it was recommended that she take a pain reliever, relax, and prepare herself by telling herself that she would not feel pain.

    The second story happened to an adult male and is related to the pandemic virus. He began to somatize all the symptoms of the virus, and each day he was getting worse to the point of manifesting respiratory difficulties.

    The corresponding tests were performed twice. I asked the specialist what the diagnosis was and she told him that she only had strong flu, stress and that there was nothing in her lungs, the results were negative for the virus, she was returned home with medical treatment, but manifested great fear of dying. This person required specialist help to get back into their daily routine.

    I remember a very interesting case, a young woman began to present symptoms of a strange disease, she became prostrate and did not take care of herself. It turned out that she had previously read about bacteria that produced these symptoms. The disease did not exist in his physical body but his mind. Finally, the specialists were able to convince her that she was healthy.

    Reflecting can get you out of an apparent illness

    When fear of an illness invades you, how do you handle it? What are the fears or beliefs that condition and control you? Do you feel that you are paralyzed? What is in your power to balance your safety and mental health? False information, coded news, and recurring thoughts that condition fear, can be the cause of diseases, accidents, errors, etc., and cause out-of-control collapses.

    If you are in a situation of fear or panic, you can resort to self-healing: sincerely look for the origin of that feeling, until you get to the beginning, you must go back in time until you find what was the first time it happened, it is important to understand where it happened. find that limitation, watch and release it. Remember that we are beings with infinite programming that create internal and external circumstances. Many of those programs must be eliminated.

    Regaining power by trusting yourself strengthens the spirit and will. Living in harmony, feeling safe, free, and learning to recognize healthy ideas and genuine information can help you build a fully meaningful existence. See you soon. Namaste.

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