Why Do We Get Sick?

    Origin of Illnesses

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    This is a very rough topic, because facing certain criteria is not easy and unless accompanied by denial, the first step to address this issue is to be neutral, read, think, and assimilate the content.

    Just as when you eat an ice cream, you taste it, you swallow it or digest it, you process it as digestion and then you discard it, always extracting the nutrient out of all the information content.

    Illness is a decision, it is not something that appears at random. It is a process that we create, perhaps from the simple fact of not knowing how to make a decision.

    Here the biggest work with the SELF is the EGO. Somatizing is a matter of guilt and punishments.

    We feel so victimized that we need a little more pain. Because what we have is not enough, then we also have to reach the limit and, unfortunately, this is often death.

    There are people who prefer to die rather than make a decision, leaving painful events with the family, the couple, friends and even with neighbors, getting sick is a very expensive way of saying “I go this far”.

    One of the therapies that have most marked my life was that of a lady who could not leave her husband, he mistreated her, physically and verbally. He was selfish, rude, and psychologically she felt underrated.

    In one of the therapies, I asked her “If it does not make you happy staying with him, then you are not looking for happiness? And her magical answer was “Marriage is a cross and you have to learn to carry it on!”.

    As you can imagine the lady developed a heart problem and some years later passed away, she often repeated to me, when I leave he will know that he misses me and feel guilty. I will tell you that this was not the case.

    The husband continued on with his life and found a new wife. The patient should have put herself and her wellbeing first before anything or anyone else and asked herself, so I prefer to continue with the habitual preconditioned acquired for generations? Or put a stop to that bad cycle and be happy?

    Sicknesses may manifest in many ways.
    Manifestation of sickness

    We must change the established paradigms and search desperately for peace, tranquility, life, health, wellbeing and leave the criteria of others behind.

    Being wrong in the way we lead our lives is a matter of beliefs, conditioning, pre-established rules.

    We have changed eras and with this also changes the thoughts and living conditions, let us stop to think what works for us and what does not, of what has been learned, to reorganize social and family structures, to search in the intimacy of our homes in which way we are creating allergic children “To what or to who?”

    Asthmatic children, why are they afraid to breathe? Wives or husbands who prefer to be in a hospital than at home, what we are doing, what we are creating, when our body hurts without reason… Perhaps is the soul that is hurting the situation. Let’s think deeply; who is taking away our life?

    Or whose life are we taking, and even knowing the severity of this situations, we let them happen and swallow that poison daily and we know and feel that we die every day a little and we get tied up in our victimization and we always look for somebody to blame and not search inside ourselves as victims knowing it is not the life of others, it is ours.

    Let’s stop these toxic life experiences, let’s stop these behavior patterns, stop the pain and let’s say today and only today I dedicate myself to be happy, mattering only me. Let’s stop being one number on the death statistics, and let’s move on to the living statistic.

    Also please stop blaming God, always making excuses “That it is the will of God” we are already in a process of very high evolution to blame those who cannot defend themselves and will not tell you about it, what happens to you is a consequence of your actions and your actions only, God does not forgive because he does not judge and does not condemn, and if there is no trial or condemnation then also there is no need for forgiveness.

    We judge, devalue, castrate, and punish ourselves, and as logic says, do not look for a culprit. Why do we always think that the cow is to blame? Forgive yourself and change your attitude so you can see how your life is going to change.

    Exercise your Soul

    Writing down your diseases on a lit paper to burn it and let your diseases go.
    Lit paper

    In the place you have chosen for your inner world, your sacred corner, light a purple candle (it is to transmute), also an incense.

    Look for a pencil and paper and write the diseases or pathologies that you have ever felt, breathe deeply and think when it has been manifested in you, identify it.

    This is very important because you have to know what you have to confront, when you have identified them, write them down, and let go all that has choked you from the inside and you had not dare to manifest.

    Then burn the paper and start to be conscious if you want to continue living that situation or face it and heal it. Fight for your life!


    Elvia Sánchez

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