Adventure Tourism will Drive the Recovery of the Sector in Costa Rica

Adventure tourism stands out as a leading segment in the recovery of tourism in Costa Rica since outdoor travel experiences will predominate in the short term as the preference of visitors.

According to an analysis of internet search preferences for “Tourism in Costa Rica“, adventure tourism proved to be the leading segment. Experts believe that tourism can be reactivated in the short term and consider that the gradual re-opening of the air borders can be worked in a coordinated way between the public and private sectors since health security is essential.

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National and regional vacations, with outdoor experiences, will predominate in the short term for the preference of travelers. On the immediate future of travel and tourism, the majority of travelers fear travel quarantines or the possibility of contracting the virus during their visit, at the same time these travelers declare themselves ready to carry a digital passport and give a high priority to sustainable tourism.

Concrete steps for Reactivation of the sector

A series of actions have been promoted that seek the responsible reactivation of tourism in Costa Rica, such as the design of hygiene and sanitation protocols in travel establishments, airports, hotels, and

tourist attractions, as well as the issuance of the Safe Travel Seal to recognize the efforts of destinations and protect the health of visitors and residents.


The travel and tourism sector is resilient and will recover very soon from the negative effects of the Pandemic, the key is in coordinated work between all the parties involved in its reactivation.

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