Six Attitudes that Kill our Emotional Energy

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    We are living in troubled times. For no one is a secret, but within everything we need to start reviewing what do I have control over and basically the first thing in this case are our thoughts, emotions and reactions. Hence, six attitudes that can drain little by little and make us affect negatively ourselves emotionally are the following:

    1. Overthinking:

    Of course we cannot help thinking, however, in many moments of our life we are placing a large part of our day to day on this action and it is then that we can easily fall into the over analysis of all situations.

    When we over analyze we are going to run into feeling overwhelmed and immediately the feeling of being in a dead end may appear, we do not see the possibility of light or the opportunity to exit.

    We need to be aware of how much this over analysis, far from allowing us to seek options, makes us live in uncertainty and concern.

    1. Blaming others:

    Without a doubt, expressing disagreement is a right and more from logical reasoning for each person; but beware… at times we turn this constant blaming into our way of responding to the world, often even evading our possible responsibility in some events.

    Here I propose to stop for a moment, and ask yourself, from what space are you living. Living from the constant claim prevents the connection with gratitude, life is about making personal balances of those that allow us peace.

    1. Wanting to please everyone:

    What would you be doing if you weren’t aware of what other people think about you or what you do? If the answer is “same as now”, great! But if not … it may be a good time to start moving into those spaces that you have always wanted.

    When we work on pleasing ourselves we become happier people and with the possibility of accompanying others more easily.

    1. Living in the past:

    Forgetting is impossible, but we need to remember from healthy viewpoints, if from emotional spaces that allow forgiveness to move forward as a personal gift, as a gift of merit towards our life.

    Living sustaining pain only brings us misery to our lives, it is also important to recognize our human vulnerability and ask for help when we feel that we cannot move forward alone.

    1. Pretend everything is fine

    Sometimes we have the false idea of ​​pretending that nothing is wrong with us, that everything is fine; although the emotional reality is different. When we resort to this emotional mechanism, all we do is let the situation of pain or discomfort increase.

    It becomes necessary for each of us to understand our emotions and validate our feelings, in this way self-regulation will be our number one companion.

    Acceptance is the first step to advance at any time in life.

    1. Living someone else’s life:

    Don’t get complicated! Don’t insist on living other people’s lives. Do not suffer, do not get sick, do not get angry … better assume your life and make the changes you want in your own life. Focus on growing and moving forward positively.

    Everyone deserves to live life with openness.

    When we live and do what fills us with happiness, harmony flows and we radiate it wherever we go.

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