Seven Japanese Techniques to Overcome Laziness: Kaizen Method, Hansei, Nemawashiand More

    Japanese culture has gone to great lengths to encourage productivity and professional success

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     The fight against laziness, an omnipresent obstacle in daily life, has motivated various cultures to develop methods to increase productivity and personal success.In Japan, for example, seven techniques known as LSA have been perfected, representing a comprehensive approach to overcoming laziness and improving efficiency in all areas of life.

    Kaizen, which means ‘continuous improvement’, is based on the implementation of small daily changes to facilitate the process of personal improvement in a gradual and sustained manner.

    The ‘5S’ – Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke – emphasize cleanliness and organization in the work environment, which helps reduce distractions and optimize available space.


    Encourages self-assessment and constant reflection, allowing you to identify areas of improvement and set goals for continued personal development.


    Or group decision making, promotes collaboration and communication when making important decisions, providing support and pressure to stay committed to set goals.


    Seeks to automate processes to focus on more important and demanding tasks, minimizing time spent on tedious activities that can increase laziness.

    Muda, Muri and Mura

    Focus on eliminating waste, overload and variability in production processes, identifying areas for improvement and optimizing efficiency.

    Genchi Genbutsu

    Or ‘going to see for yourself’, promotes active participation in problem-solving and finding solutions, rather than waiting for others to intervene.

    These seven concepts are fundamental to continuous improvement and have proven effective in overcoming laziness and increasing productivity. We invite everyone to put them into practice and experience the benefits they offer.

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