San Jose Costa Rica Security Team
San Jose Costa Rica Security Team
San Jose Costa Rica[TCRN] – This morning, security forces organized a graduation celebration for 110 communities of San Jose Costa Rica, who participated in the program called “Community Safety”.

Security Minister, Mario Zamora, the Deputy Minister Walter Navarro and other authorities were present at the graduation ceremony, which also highlighted the support of companies and commercial buses as part of “Commercial Security”.

“We want to recognize communities that work together with police in the interest of safety. Such programs help to integrate communities, meet the neighbors and work together” said Zamora.

Neighborhoods efforts like Christ the King, The Guaria in Moravia, the Capri and San Antonio for the Homeless, among others, were recognized, at the awards ceremony in San Jose Costa Rica.

“I’m super happy to have participated… Now we are 28 neighbors working on safety, training and did really wonderful, “said Marta Calzada, representative of the community of La Guaria of Moravia.

According to the minister Zamora, crime statistics have declined in the country through the efforts of communities and there are fewer assaults, robbery and violent crimes.

“It’s a huge effort we are doing, that’s because the police are acting and when working together it is possible to beat crime and drug trafficking,” said Zamora.
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