OIJ Turn to Facebook To Help Solve Investigations

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    San Jose Costa Rica, [TCRN] – OIJ (Costa Rica’s FBI equivalent) turn to Costa Rica Facebook to help solve crimes and find missing persons… At some point we have seen posters up on poles or walls with photos of missing persons, subjects searched for justice and even pictures of lost pets. Now social networking, especially Costa Rica Facebook has come to change the way of informing the public about such situations. It is no secret that social networks are an important source of information.

    Social networks have become an important tool for the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) in their efforts to find suspects and even missing persons.

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    According a spokesperson for the OIJ, Confidential Information Centre receives information provided by several publications in Facebook about missing persons or citizens wanted by justice.

    As an example the OIJ spokesperson said they recently found a person they had been looking for through Costa Rica Facebook after several comments were posted which lead to the person in question. Other advantages of this network, according to the spokeswoman, have been that people forwarded the information to their contacts and that is how the search is extended.

    The OIJ have a source of information we did not previously have.

    A year ago, missing or fugitives from justice were disseminated mainly through the media. Now the best ally of the OIJ is technology.

    The medium of choice for disclosing such information until a year and a half was traditional media. Today more and more social networks are being used, especially in regards to photographs.

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