San Ramón, the “Land Of Poets” in Costa Rica

    One of the most culturally rich localities the nation

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    San Ramón, the “land of poets” in Costa Rica, is one of the important cultural bastions of the nation. Very well recognized Costa Rican poets were born or established their residence in this canton. Most notable was Lisímaco Chavaría (1878-1913), a poet that influenced Modernism; other were José Joaquín Salas Pérez (1891-1970), Carlomagno Araya (1897-1970), Ema Gamboa (1901-1976) and Feliz Ángel Salas (1908-1948).

    Also historical figures who claimed fundamental roles in the country`s history can be traced to San Ramón. During the Civil War, skirmishes were held by both sides involved. The attack against the house of Dr. Carlos Luis Valverde Vega, in said canton, is well known, that happened to be a great friend of the family of Don Luis Emilio Otilio Ulate Blanco. Also in La Paz de San Ramón the founding board of the Second Republic is established. In the canton is located “Villa Blanca that was a residence of then president Rodrigo Carazo.

    The birthplace of three illustrious Presidents

    San Ramón has been the birthplace and childhood of three presidents of the Republic of Costa Rica, Julio Acosta García, Jose Figueres Ferrer, and Francisco José Orlich Bolmarcich:

    • Jose Figueres Ferrer (1906-1990): Founder of the Second Republic, three times President of the Republic. 1948-49; 1953-58 and 1970-74. Thinker, writer and humanist.
    • Francisco J. Orlich Bolmarcich (1907-1969): Co-founder of the Second Republic, municipal councilor, deputy twice and President of the Republic from 1962 to 1966.
    • Julio Acosta Garcia (1862-1954): Leader of the Sapoá Revolution, deputy twice, signed the constitutive charter of the UN for Costa Rica, President of the Republic from 1920 to 1924.

    Other meritourious Ticos from San Ramón:

    • Emma Gamboa Alvarado (1901-1976): Educator, founder and dean of the Faculty of Education of the UCR and ANDE. Vice Minister of Education. Writer and poet.
    • Alberto Manuel Brenes Mora (1870-1948): Brilliant world-famous botanist, he discovered and classified thousands of plant species in our country.
    • Lisímaco Chavarría Palma (1878-1913): The poet par excellence of San Ramón, watchmaker and rural teacher. His poetry was known throughout the world.
    • Carlos Luis Valverde Vega (1903-1948): Brilliant doctor, humanist and committed to the health of his fellow citizens. Martyr of the 1948 Revolution.

    In the Municipal Council meeting room of the canton there is a gallery of favorite sons and daughters of San Ramón that has been erected with the goal of rescuing and preserving the history of the locality, where people can get to know the stories of renowned personalities who have marked course of the country.

    We invite both tourists and locals to visit this magical place called San Ramón and immerse yourself in the history and culture that has shaped Costa Rica through the ages.

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