A Farmer’s Son of San Ramón Became the 1st Blind Engineer in Costa Rica

The New Engineer Went Up to Receive His Title Accompanied by His Father

The young David Campos became the 1st blind engineer graduated in Costa Rica. This Ramón resident received his highest award; Computer Engineer graduated from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica (TEC).

Graduation of David Campos, the 1st blind engineer in Costa Rica

Campos is a native of Las Musas and a farmer’s son. In addition, this new engineer is the 5th of 7 brothers and went up to pick up his title accompanied by his father, Rodrigo Campos, a 67-year-old farmer.

“When I entered the university, some other blind people told me ‘how are you going to be an engineer?’ Before you, other blind people have already tried and have not succeeded, the race is inaccessible, but I did not listen to them; I just wanted to fly over”, said the newly graduate.

“I am so proud of my son! I still remember when he told me he wanted to enter the TEC. And with great effort we got him an apartment; I came, I left him, and all the way back to San Ramón, I cried scared”, recalled his father.

The new engineer works at the TEC creating special programs to help other people in the same blindness condition.

SOURCEAhora Las Noticias
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