Same Day Dental Implants Abroad: Costa Rica

The dental implants belong to the most expensive dental cosmetic procedures available.

Moreover, these are not only expensive, but it takes a considerable amount of time until dental implants are fitted into the mouth of the patient.

In order to have access to extremely fast and quality mini dental implant procedures, more and more patients choose to travel to Costa Rica.

The dental tourism in Costa Rica has seen a tremendous increase over the past few years. Patients can find here some of the best skilled dentists who work in state of the art equipped dental clinics.

One more reason for which people choose this destination is because here they can get same day dental implants cost effectively. The same day dental procedure is fast and efficient:

First a titanium post will be inserted, on top of which there will be attached a temporary crown.  It takes less than 5 days for osseo-integration to occur. After this period, the dentist will attach the permanent crown. With same day implants, bone grafting is not needed. Therefore, patients who struggle with lack of sufficient bone mass can have dental implants quickly and efficiently. The same day implants can be also set at an angle, and the problem of bone grafting is solved.

The traditional dental implants require a quite complicated surgical procedure, and the patient is exposed to several post surgical risks. The standard implants require at least 6 to 8 months until the mouth will heal completely.

With the mini implants, the patient can chew and talk without any problems in less than a week.

Then, there are some patients who become extremely anxious about the idea of bone grafting surgery. This is a painful procedure, and it takes quite a long time until everything heals nicely.

The same day dental implants are now preferred to the traditional dentures or bridging crowns. The implants look and behave just like a natural set of teeth, and they do not give the feeling of discomfort a crown usually does.

With bridgework and dentures, the patient will sooner or later have to put up with complications such as bone loss or gum recession. The dental implants on the other hand fit in perfectly, and they protect the gum tissues from recessing.

Free Airfare for Medical Procedures in Costa Rica

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