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    The Safety of Dental Tourism in Costa Rica

    Before traveling anywhere for medical treatment, it is important to investigate safety issues – primarily your personal safety and the safety of dental procedures. Although it...
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    6 Destinations Dental Tourists Should Avoid

    Dental Tourism has taken off over the past decade, and more people than ever are considering taking their teeth across borders for treatment.  The...
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    5 Things Needed for a Successful Medical/Dental Trip Abroad:

    A good attitude Aside from good genes, good luck and good clinics that house good Doctors, possibly nothing will affect your outcome of treatment...
    dental implants costa rica

    A Dental Tale with a Happy Ending

    Every once-in-a-while, you hear a story that rekindles your faith in mankind. Well, I recently heard one, and it has blossomed into something that...

    Same Day Dental Implants Abroad: Costa Rica

    The dental implants belong to the most expensive dental cosmetic procedures available. Moreover, these are not only expensive, but it takes a considerable amount of...
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