Young Costa Rican writer-director Miguel Gomez made a big impression here at Twitch with his 2010 horror comedy El Sanatorio, a playful riff on the found footage genre. And so we have been closely following the progress of his upcoming end of the world road comedy El Fin (The End) as well.

Set on the last day on Earth, with the planet’s population fully aware that a giant asteroid is on a collision course with the planet and there is no way out, the film tracks two friends trying to simply finishing things up on a good note. I had the chance to see an in-progress version of the film at the Morbido Festival in Mexico – director Gomez literally went from finishing the initial sound mix straight to the airport to fly to the festival and completed the subtitles after arriving on the ground in Mexico – and even in its incomplete state I fell deeply in love with this film, the picture wringing more heart out of its talented cast and tiny budget than most huge Hollywood productions could ever hope for.

The picture is now fully complete and headed for a late February theatrical release in Costa Rica.

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