Resonance Invites You to Live the Experience with the “Mala” Workshop

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    Resonance Costa Rica does not stop carrying out activities in favor of connecting with our essence, our divine being to be better and better towards our human and environmental surroundings…

    This weekend, that is to say, this Saturday, March 12, Resonance Costa Rica, is organizing the Workshop on the “Bad” tool, starting at 2:30 P.M.

    It is the opportunity for you to live a unique experience, to connect with our divinity, in which you receive and give peace, where you manifest the best of yourself, raising incredible vibrations towards your surroundings (people and nature).

    This is the moment when Resonance brings Mala’s love to Costa Rica, a workshop that will be unforgettable.

    You may be wondering what we mean when we mention Mala, this is a symbolic tool used in meditation to allow the practitioner to connect with fully focused and intentional awareness.

    Through this tool, people maintain a specific mantra or prayer, which is repeated 108 times; Mala is part of the medicine cabinet of our lives, it helps us stay connected to our highest truth, integrating the divine into the mundane parts of daily life.

    Here, the thread is spirit, activated by breath, the life force energy that connects us all. Each account is a representation of the moments along the journey, all divinely orchestrated to create our life in the best, most authentic way.

    During this workshop, Emily and Christopher, part of the organizing team, will guide you while you celebrate life in turn, uniting the heart, the song, and the breath.

    Individually those who are present will set intentions for our Mala and connect with the lessons that life has taught so far.

    Very important, is that collectively we will honor the arrival of spring, the awakening of new life within us, fertilizing our deepest desires, our greatest pleasures; taking time to feel the surge of life and love from our depths, embracing abundance, and connecting our hearts.

    Live the experience with Resonance Costa Rica this Saturday, a definitely different, genuine, and creative meditation practice.

    Resonance Costa Rica

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