Prolonged TV Viewing Could Cause Brain Damage and Dementia

    The risk of watching TV was explained in a recent study

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    For many people, there is nothing better than sitting in front of the television and binge-watching their favorite series or movies for hours, accompanied by food. However, this can harm your mental health when you are a few years older.

    A study carried out by several researchers from the University of Arizona and the University of Southern California described the effects that can be caused in the brain if the television is used for an excessive amount of time.

    How bad is television?

    The study, published on August 222, 2022 in the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences‘ (PNAS), determined that these sedentary activities that are carried out for many hours in a row cause damage to the brain, being more likely the person to suffer some mental illness.

    In the UK, researchers ran the test on more than 140,000 people up to 60 years of age, which lasted about 10 years. In this way, they concluded that those who were watching television for a long time had a 40% chance of suffering from dementia.

    “Exercise and physical activity have shown promise in reducing rates of cognitive decline and risk of dementia in older adults. However, despite recommendations to increase physical activity levels, participation in purposeful exercise has not increased substantially”, said the study.

    The conclusions were given by the detection of a low level of brain activity, which would be related to the more than three thousand cases of dementia that have occurred during the last 10 years in the European country.

    Is the use of the computer harmful?

    According to experts, in the case of the computer, the researchers found that everything depends on how people use it, since certain activities can activate cognitive function.

    “Our findings suggest that the brain impacts of sitting during our leisure activities are separate from how physically active we are. Being more mentally active, such as when using computers, may be a key way to counteract the increased risk of dementia associated with more passive behaviors such as watching televisión,” concluded one of the researchers in the study.

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