Project CIDEA Interdisciplinary Initiatives are the Starting Point to Create “Beginning and End”, A Tribute to the Latin American Painter

    Within the framework of the 50th anniversary of the UNA

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     Great Theater of the World, Gale of History, Great Gale, The Golden Knight and Apocalypse, are the large-format works of the Chilean painter Julio Escámez, which give rise to “Principio y fin”, a project of Interdisciplinary Initiatives of the Center for Research, Teaching and Artistic Extension of the National University (Cidea-UNA) for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of this house of studies. These works are permanently exhibited  in the Cora Ferro Calabrese auditorium, as part of the artistic collection that the painter donated to the UNA.

    Vital contributions to the culture

     “It is precisely this gesture that inclines us to take the painter’s works for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the UNA.  The vital contribution that each official gives to his or her work to improve education and social progress, this gesture of donation of our creativity, work and life based on the professional and personal growth of the students.  On the other hand, the theme that Escámez presents to us is that of class struggles, the threat of war, colonization, the destruction of the planet, migrations and dreams of creating a better world, where education, work and “art stands as a beacon for humanity, where we can express our fears and highest values ​​in a creative way, and thus promote the social fabric and joint struggles for a better coexistence and quality of life,” the statement quotes.

    Chilean artist

    Escámez was also a muralist, an engraver whose military coup in his country in 1973 would mark his life, as well as his artistic work.  Since then the message of his works would be more human than ever.  Some biographers place his abundant production in the current of realism, with a marked social content.  His themes address the conflicts of modern man, such as the spiritual crisis generated by technological advances.  Much of his artistic legacy is in Costa Rica, which would be his home since 1973, after exile.  From that year on, UNA became his home.  The School of Plastic Arts, today the School of Art and Visual Communication, saw him work as a teacher until his retirement and in this Teaching House he was awarded the Honoris Causa Doctorate on October 21, 2015, the artist died on December 23, that same year.

     He has the participation of the UNA Theater projects, Contemporary Dramaturgy Workshop, Digital Scenic Laboratory (LED) and Theater on the Campus of the School of Performing Arts; A Young Performer from the Dance School;  the Percussion Ensemble and the IAT Program of the School of Music;  and, the Artistic Heritage Management Center of the School of Art and Visual Communication.

     He participates in the assembly with an experienced group of choreographic artists such as: Mario Blanco, Vicky Cortés and Florencia Chaves;  In the scenic art team there are the set and costume designers Gabrio Zappelli and Sonia Suarez, as well as Paula Rojas in the videomapping image design and Andrea Charod in the lighting design.  In the sound design and musicalization Daniel Solano and Juan Carlos Espinoza.  The general management is in charge of Janko Navarro.

    When and where

    “Beginning and End” will be presented Nov. 24-26 at 7 p.m.  at the Atahualpa del Cioppo Theater on the Omar Dengo campus of the National University.  Admission is free.

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