PROCOMER Promotes Investment and Exports of the Costa Rican Biotechnology Sector

    They highlight the potential that Costa Rica has to attract investment and generate exports in the biotechnology sectors

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    The biotechnology, life sciences, research and development sectors of Costa Rica met in the fourth edition of Biolíderes: ArticulandoNegocios y Biociencias, with the aim of promoting the business climate of the biotechnology industry in Costa Rica. This edition was held on Thursday June 22nd at the Heredia headquarters of the National University.

    The event was organized by the Costa Rican Biotechnology Cluster (CRBiomed) and had the support of the Costa Rican Foreign Trade Promoter (PROCOMER). As part of the activities, talks with international experts, workshops, panels and spaces for interaction with topics related to global trends, biobusiness, import of reagents for investment and development, bioeconomy, digital health and others were developed.

    A Great Potential

    Mario Sáenz, PROCOMER’s Export Development Manager, highlighted the potential that Costa Rica has to attract investment and generate exports in the biotechnology and life sciences sectors. “Currently, Costa Rica has the capacity to export biotechnology, as well as the attractive country necessary to attract companies in the sector to establish themselves both inside and outside the GAM; Therefore, participation in Biolíderes allows us to support companies in the sector to promote the development and well-being of the country”, he added.

    On the other hand, Ms. Patricia Trinler, President of the CRBiomed Cluster and President of the TRISAN Group, considers that this activity is the ideal moment to meet businessmen, researchers, academics, regulatory influencers, investors and other players in the ecosystem of the biotechnology, to take advantage of the opportunities that exist inside and outside the country.

    Trinler added that, “Costa Rica has the potential to export biotechnological developments based on agro-industrial residues, as well as continue to attract international biotechnology companies.”

    Great ideas

    Furthermore, Dr. Christian Marín Müller, founder of Speratum and co-founder of CRBiomed, agreed that “innovation occurs when great ideas are put into practice. And great innovations never happen in isolation. Biolíderes provides opportunities for networking, sharing our ideas, and understanding the possibilities and limitations of our ecosystem so that we can continue to grow.”

    The event has been held consecutively since 2017, and companies, research centers, academic institutions, ministries, laboratories and other ecosystem actors participated in this edition.

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