Playa Lagarto, The Best Kept Secret of Nicoya Peninsula

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    Playa Lagarto is a hidden gem located in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica. This beautiful and tranquil beach is a paradise for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful getaway.

    Lizard beach

    The name “Playa Lagarto” translates to “Lizard beach” in English, and it is named after the abundance of lizards that can be found in the area. The beach is situated in a secluded bay, surrounded by lush greenery and swaying palm trees, creating a picturesque landscape.

    One of the main attractions of Playa Lagarto is its untouched and pristine beauty. Unlike other popular beaches in Costa Rica, Playa Lagarto has managed to maintain its natural state, free from overcrowding and development. The beach stretches for miles, offering visitors a sense of tranquility and privacy.

    The calm and crystal-clear waters of Playa Lagarto make it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling. The beach is home to an abundance of marine life, including colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs. Snorkeling enthusiasts can explore the vibrant underwater world and immerse themselves in the beauty of the ocean.

    Playa Lagarto also serves as a nesting ground for Olive Ridley and Hawksbill sea turtles. Visitors have the rare opportunity to witness these majestic creatures laying their eggs in the sand and the baby turtles making their way back to the sea. It is a truly awe-inspiring sight that showcases the importance of conservation efforts to protect these endangered species.

    For those who enjoy adventure, Playa Lagarto offers a variety of activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing. The calmness of the bay is perfect for beginners, while more experienced adventurers can venture out into the open sea for a more challenging experience.

    There are also several hiking trails near Playa Lagarto that allow visitors to explore the surrounding jungle and discover hidden waterfalls and breathtaking viewpoints. The lush vegetation is home to a diverse array of wildlife, such as monkeys, sloths, and exotic birds. Nature enthusiasts will be captivated by the beauty and serenity of the area.


    Accommodation options near Playa Lagarto range from eco-lodges to luxury resorts, ensuring that every traveler’s needs are met. Whether you prefer a rustic experience immersed in nature or a more luxurious stay, there is something to suit every budget and taste.

    Playa Lagarto in Costa Rica is a true paradise for nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful and unspoiled beach getaway. Its pristine beauty, diverse wildlife, and range of activities make it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of Costa Rica.

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