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    Costa Rica is a country with innumerable special places and not all of them are known by the “Ticos”, that is why from TCRN, we decided to talk to you about one, in particular, to live adventures and enjoy it to the fullest.

    We want to talk about Naranjo Beach, which is located in the Santa Rosa de Guanacaste National Park. This is a unique destination, full of history and natural beauty, which have been the shelter of surfers and visitors for so many years.

    Know, learn, value

    The Santa Rosa sector is one of the most popular and historical in the Central American country, due to the fact that precisely the Battle of Santa Rosa and La Casonawas carried out here in 1856, today exactly in the place there is a museum to preserve what happened and its importance.

    First national park named in Costa Rica

    This important Santa Rosa sector has been an example of the conservation of biodiversity and culture. Great environmental fighters have worked in the recovery of the Tropical Dry Forest, which is characterized by having a long dry season (from December to May), part of the vegetation loses its leaves during the dry season, water sources are very scarce and mostly seasonal.

    In the Santa Rosa National Park, you can find the white-tailed deer “Odocoileus Virginianus”, one of the species of the dry forest. Also, there is a natural population of the “Ateleiaherbert-smithii” tree, one of the few legumes in the world that is pollinated by the wind, which makes it a biologically very particular plant.

    This important area of ​​Guanacaste is surrounded by totally incredible mangroves, savannas, and swamps, you will not get tired of admiring the landscape. The forest is home to an authentic fauna: coyotes, tapirs and ocelots, the branches have monkeys, parrots and parrots. Countless birds fly on the trails from trogons, moths, crustaceans, sparrows, flycatchers to hawks and hummingbirds.

    We mentioned earlier that you will be amazed of the varied landscapes, as they vary according to the seasons. Do not forget that if you want to enjoy more shade and less heat, the ideal is to visit Santa Rosa in the rainy season.

    Playa Naranjo tropical paradise

    NaranjoBeach, is a paradise of Guanacaste, throughout the area it is advisable to travel in a 4 x 4 vehicle so that you can go along the bumpy roads of Santa Rosa Park, being oriented with signs that indicate the state of the road.

    Naranjo beach is said to have been a secret gold mine for legendary surfing waves, but after the release of Endless Summer II in the 90s, the secret was revealed. Costa Rican tourists and experienced surfers visit Naranjo Beach a lot, as well as people who want to live a pleasant experience of sea, sand and an infinite landscape without hotels or souvenir shops.

    Witch’s Rock

    Yes, you think you have seen it all, well no, in Naranjo beach you will find a giant rock that has descended into the water called Witch’s Rock, those who are from the area consider it as mysterious and magnificent since it arises from the waters of the ocean; when the tide is out, the wind blows and echoes through the rift of the rock formation.

    When visiting the Santa Rosa National Park, Naranjo Beach, and its unforgettable biodiversity spaces, you will want to return again and again, it is a magical place. Prepare your rustic car and your camera and set out for the adventure.

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