Pet Festival on the “Paseo de Los Estudiantes” – Chinatown

    This Festival Will Be Held on Saturday, November 16th, 2019

    As an acknowledgment to the people who do good deeds for the animals, next Saturday, November 16th, it will be held the “Tiempo de Encuentro” (Meeting Time) Festival, on the Boulevard of the “Paseo de Los Estudiantes” (Students’ Walk) – Chinatown.

    During this, different activities such as Zumbatón, Fashion Show, Canine Esthetic Show, among others, will be carried out for the whole family and their pets. In addition, there will be a varied gastronomic offer along the boulevard of the Paseo de Los Estudiantes.

    Friendly dog and cat

    Likewise, the dogJames José” will be acknowledged, which has been certified internationally and helps children with diminished abilities and people facing cancer processes.

    An acknowledgment will also be given to the Finding Pepper Project, thanks to its founder Rocío, who made resilience and turned the pain of the loss of her dog Pepper into the plantation of thousands of trees and developed bridges on different routes of the country, with aerial steps so that wild animals are not run over.

    A donation of medicines will be given to the ACOPROBA association (Costa Rican Association for Animal Welfare) and cages to transport animals during disasters will also be delivered to the San José Municipal Police.

    Program of the “Time of Change” Festival

    9:00 am – Zumbatón. We invite all animal friends who also like the exercise to take them to the opening of this event.

    10:00 am – Great Catwalk with Adriano Models, with former Miss Costa Rica Elena Correa, with 20 models, who will be accompanied by shelter dogs.

    10:30 am – Show with the Pirulos, the Pepper dog that is, and will be, a great symbol; this is a giant stuffed dog that will be giving balloons to children. In addition, we will have inflatables for the smallest kids.

    12:00 m – Canine esthetic show presented by the Cosvic Institute with Mario Chacón, of the “Half Dozen”, and his dog “Bongo”.

    12:30 pm – Official act with the members of the Municipality of San José. Delivery of the awards. We will also have a serenade with Mariachi Calderón de Cabis, along with singer Elena Umaña. We will also have a tribute to the “Pandilla”, by Joseph “El Salse”. We will close with the national singer Armando Infante.

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