Helpful Tips for Finding A Job When You’re Over Forty-five Years Old

These simple steps can increase your chance of still remaining productive

Finding a job when your older than forty-five is not an easy task. If your age is close or above this number, you will have noticed that already. Most of the barriers you are encountering are given by a series of beliefs and topics that are counterproductive.

These beliefs and topics are as absurd as difficult to overcome and can be summarized as follows:

  • The belief that companies already have used up your best years as a professional.
  • Fear that you will ask for a salary over the market because of your long experience.
  • Fear of your ability to adapt much less than that of a younger person.

For these reasons take carefully into account the information you show in your resume very well. For example, if you have extensive experience with many years of work and in different companies, you have to review all that information. Your resume should not exceed two pages and for this, you will have to screen and condense the information.

How to do this?

You have to leave only what is relevant to the specific job you are trying to access. In addition, your most recent experiences are the most important, so above all, focus on your last ten years. Finally, bring up some significant achievements in your recent career. If, in addition, these achievements are endorsed with some concrete quantitative figures, better yet, they will give you even more credibility. It’s better to perform some types of assessments before you start looking for a job. Some tests will help you identify your unique skill sets, core strengths, and competencies. Others (like job knowledge tests, cognitive ability tests, emotional intelligence tests) recruiters will more likely ask you to take the next time you apply for a job, so it’ll be a nice preparation. 

Initiatives that can help you

It is vital to acquire certain knowledge to overcome the limitations that current jobs have. Given this, organizations have been given the task of creating initiatives and projects in partnership with the private sector.

In the case of Costa Rica the programs:

“Sigo Vigente”

This project was born to facilitate the possibilities of labor insertion and development of productive ideas for entrepreneurs over 50 years in our country. This project provides the necessary tools so that they can be used in two ways, self-employment, through the creation of entrepreneurship in a formal way. The other through training that makes it easy for you to find a job opportunity.

“40 plus”

This is an initiative created by the Costa Rican development coalition (Cinde) to help people over 40 who are looking for work. Cinde is responsible for selecting the curricula of people of that age who arrive at job fairs (both virtual and face-to-face), in which stands are placed with specialized personnel who receive the curricula. In addition to this, the staff provides some advice for those interested in converting their professional profile so they can bet on opportunities for growth in multinational companies.

Practical tips that can help.

Search on-line platforms that offer jobs

That is why it is important that you know about technology, as there are constantly job offers on various websites. Do not be negative. The majority of people who come to apply for employment are young; very few are those who are over 40 years old. This is because they think that they won’t be given the opportunity so they don’t leave the curriculum, the truth is that there is no age priority.

Entrepreneurship is one of the recommendations proposed by some entities.

If you are good at something you can use a course of action to prepare and formally create your business.

Keys to finding work after 45 years of age

Hiding the age is nonsense; rather show your experience, which is the part that you need to prepare the best in the case of an interview. Showing the concrete achievements in your previous experiences are crucial here, but be aware, show only the recent ones, you don’t have to go back to when you were 18 years old!

It is best that you are quantifiable, that you speak of figures or specific data to provide validity and truthfulness. A series of requirements come into play, such as experience titles, skills, and languages. These are which the filters that companies put in when hiring personnel.

Management of a second language

Many jobs require communication with people of other nationalities, so being able to speak another language, mainly English is indispensable.

Knowledge in technology

Imagining a world without electronic devices or technology is very difficult, that’s why you must have knowledge in this matter way a basic level.

Fear of failure, low self-esteem and motivation often appear in the unemployed. Do your best to stay mentally strong and positive during your job search.

SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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