Outreach Mission To Support Uluk Kicha High School was a Success

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    For LeRoy Davis Larry Jr there is no tropical storm in the world that could stop his journey of going to Chirripó Mountain to deliver his memorable speech as a 2023 graduating guest speaker about following the dream and passion.

    For this commencement speech I wanted to bring someone with a unique personality. Someone who has climbed higher and could deliver the speech with a tone of motivation, and inspire students with his background and achievement. After talking to friends and colleagues for several weeks about how to choose the speaker that could deliver a strong message and share the experience of following the dream and pursuing the goal and when his name came up in my mind, I never thought two times. Instead; I immediately ran to see my colleague Reiner the Social Study professor and told him. You know what? I got the right speaker.

    LeRoy Davis Larry Jr who is the creator of Natural Physics, astrophysicist and a former member of the NASA Galileo Mission to Jupiter and JPL decided to spend his long-time journey and experience talking to Cabécar students about how to follow the dream and passion. In his speech he did not only shared the struggle he faced in life but he also shared how to have a clear mindset goal for life. He also highlighted that every dream is achievable but you have to stand up and search for it. He used a friendly tone and slow English to make every participant to understand the message. The following images represent some of the most highlighted moment during his speech.

    Mr. Larry Jr. also took time to workshop about Galileo Mission to Jupiter and gravity with more than 80 students coming from 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th graders who attended the two days sessions. Each session opened opportunity to students to listen to his wonderful passion about natural physics and gravity and the mission he conducted at JPL. Thanks to his friendly and informal tone that he used to introduce every session of his workshop which made all students to become so engaged paying attention to every word that came out of his mouth. The workshop not only was done inside the building but also outside with real examples as in the following remarks.

    Our commencement speaker did not only brought message to the community about following the dream and passion but he and his wife Tirza also brought many different supplies to share with participants. Supplies such as hat, water bottles, backpacks, raincoat, school arts among others. Tirza organized and coordinated the monetary donations that were received which were used to purchase additional supplies, and she was instrumental in engaging the students’ participation in the physics demonstrations. Thanks to those who responded our campaign collecting educational supplies.

    Students never missed the moment to shake hand or take pictures with someone involved in Galileo Mission to Jupiter and JPL. Students from seventh grade to eleventh grades took advantage of at least to have one memory picture that can be exhibited in the room as one can notice them in the following collections.

    Finally, this event is going to remind into the Uluk Kicha history book and keep into participants memory that they for the first time in life met a former member of NASA and JPL in their own community talking to them about natural physics, gravity and how to follow the dream and passion.

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