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    No matter how much you love your job, most people can’t wait to wave goodbye to office politics, workday stresses and hellish commutes, particularly when the alternative offers endless days of sunshine, delicious cuisine, exploration and adventure. But people are no longer waiting until they get to their late sixties to make the most of life.

    In recent years the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) has gained real momentum. According to this approach, extreme saving and investment could mean retiring in your forties or even late thirties. To do so, the formula emphasises saving as much of your income as possible, living exceptionally frugally and paying off all your debt. But once you’ve managed this, where should you live?

    We’ve taken into account the cost of living, quality of life, ease of getting a visa or residency permit, and restaurant and rent prices. We’ve also taken into consideration good weather, healthcare, hospitality, language barriers and the range of things to do.

    The destination you choose must offer a good mixture of everything. So, if quality of lifestyle is rocket high but the chances of getting a visa or residency permit are slim, it won’t be good enough for you. Ready to retire early? It’s time to pack those bags, since the Land of “Pura Vida” is waiting for you.

    Costa Rica, “Pura Vida”

    Nowhere says tropical escape quite like Costa Rica. The most biodiverse country in the world, the county is brimming with breathtaking beaches, rainforest hikes and some of the region’s best farm-to-table dining. Recent studies have shown that Costa Rica’s residents live long, healthy and happy lives too. We’ve ranked Costa Rica with mid-level ease of access to visas and regulations, since you’ll need to tick a few boxes to live here, but once you’re in you can enjoy a high quality lifestyle and low living costs.

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