November 2022 Could Come with a Discount for Diesel and Super Gasoline in Costa Rica

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    Good news for owners of vehicles that use Super gasoline and Diesel! As reported by the Costa Rican Oil Refinery (Recope), a reduction between ¢47 and ¢56 is expected for November 2022. But as for Regular gasoline, it would rather have an increase of ¢28 in the price per liter.

    These estimates in the reductions and the increase were sent to the Regulatory Authority of Public Services (Aresep), so that they fix the prices as part of the extraordinary adjustment that is processed each month. These adjustments are based on the exchange rate of the colon against the dollar and the international price of oil derivatives.

    If the proposal is applied, these would be the prices:

    Diesel: ¢809 (-¢47)
    Super gasoline: ¢790 (-¢56)
    Regular Gasoline: ¢835 (+¢28)

    For its part, Aresep is analyzing the adjustments sent by Recope and, if defined, they must be submitted to public consultation.

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