New Year’s Evolution!

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    Take your New Year’s resolutions to the next level by making it a New Year’s Evolution!

    True presence is the best present of the season. The busyness of the holiday season is upon us. Unless you decide to head away from the busy and plan your getaway holiday in Costa Rica to enjoy the true gift of any season – presence with nature. 

    The elements in their raw form are the building blocks of life, health, vitality and inspiration.  How we connect with the elements is the secret sauce to a long life and healthy nervous system. Studies of the people of the Blue Zones, some of which are in Costa Rica, clearly demonstrate that longevity is related to connection with the earth.  Eating simply, growing your own food, being a part of a regenerative system, and  living in harmony with all your relations is the key to both quality and quantity of your years. 

    Another reason why the Blue Zone inhabitants lived healthy long lives is that they lived in community. They supported each other to meet their social, physical and emotional needs. Living in tribes is our nature.

    How do we gather the tribes in these times?  How do we meet our social needs? 

    Well there is a unique solution for something nourishing to our social needs, inspiring deeper self-inquiry and fun for New Year’s. Emergence Gathering is a 5 day journey through the elements of earth, water, air, fire and ether to create harmony with all our relations. There are live in-person events in the southern zone of Costa Rica between Dominical and Chirripo. 

    These live events will be alongside a wide range of international presenters focused on life-enhancing workshops, inspiring presentations, ecstatic dance, and engaging community discussion online in an intimate and fun platform. 

    Emergence Gathering is founded on the vision of uniting at a time of separation. Of holding space for the collective trauma and moving it out of the body through dance and movement practices that will liberate the stuck energy and balance the nervous system.  Doing this in small group gatherings or in the comfort of your own home honors our basic need for connection while balancing it with safety and well-being.

    These are tricky times to navigate social norms and social needs. How can we as a social species get these needs met when lockdown is happening in parts of the world. Gathering, one of the most primal acts of our shared humanity, is not allowed. Emergence Gathering is a call to action to bring people struggling with isolation, disconnection and despair into a place of hope, health and harmony.  

    You can find out more about our online and in-person events at Have dinner with your loved ones at home in a fun and unique platform to share in the delights of community, connection and celebration. Learn a few new tools, sing along, cry, write, move your body, shake it out, and dance in the new year more resilient and inspired. 

    You need it. It’s been traumatic for all of us. Start 2022 intentionally with your global community. Clearing away the old and bringing in the new. From resolution to evolution. To our personal and collective Emergence.

    Be inspired

    Resonance Costa Rica

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