New Messenger RNA Cancer Treatment: When Will Clinical Trials Start?

    The German laboratory BioNTech will carry out tests to treat cancer based on the same technology used for vaccines against COVID-19

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    The German laboratory BioNTech will carry out a series of clinical trials of cancer treatments, which will be based on the same technology used for vaccines against COVID-19.

    Specifically, clinical trials will be conducted based on the same messenger RNA (mRNA) technology.It is intended to treat up to 10,000 patients with personalized mRNA-based cancer immunotherapies during 2023 in the UK.

    Cancer immunotherapies

    The initiative is part of an agreement with the British government on “Cancer immunotherapies, vaccines against infectious diseases and expansion of BioNTech in the UK.”

    In addition, a new research and development center of approximately 70 people will open in Cambridge and the firm will establish a regional headquarters in London.

    BioNTech CEO and Co-Founder UgurSahin said, “Our goal is to accelerate the development of immunotherapies and vaccines using technologies we have been researching for more than 20 years.”

    Personalized messenger RNA therapies

    Testing is expected to begin in the Northern Hemisphere fall of 2023.And the research is intended to enable cancer patients to have “early access to trials exploring personalized messenger RNA therapies,” they said in a statement.

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