New Immigration Rules of Canada Would Have Special Advantage in Companies and Students

    The fact that a group of Costa Ricans no longer need a visa to go to Canada opens the doors to new opportunities in each country

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    Costa Rica and Canada have a series of agreements ranging from student cooperation to a Free Trade Agreement that may be strengthened with the new immigration policies of the North American country. For the diplomatic authorities, the fact that a group of Costa Ricans no longer need a visa to go to Canada opens the doors to new opportunities in each country.

    Business without intermediaries

    One of the areas where there is expectation regarding the announcements from Canada is the economy. On the one hand, there is the tourist market, which is key, but also the productive areas. “We predict that the decision reached will also expedite business and trade; renewing and giving a greater impetus to the free trade agreement that entered into force in November 2002 and that can improve its figures”, said the Foreign Minister, Arnoldo André.

    According to the official, business trips would be facilitated as well as contacts to get more out of nearshoring. “Entrepreneurs will now be able to do their business without going through intermediaries in the Canadian market; and they will be able to do them directly with their clients and potential partners”, added the hierarch.

    A new space in the classrooms

    In addition to the productive theme, a greater use of academic opportunities is also expected. The Costa Rican ambassador in Ottawa, Adriana Solano, explained that since 2010 there has been a youth mobility agreement with various components. This includes possibilities for internships, exchanges, etc. “There are opportunities to grow with human talent, business skills, there is also great experience in Canada in generating what are called startups, which are business incubators”, added the representative.

    Canada’s new rules

    Since the previous week, Canada has applied a new migration option for “known travelers”. This exempts Costa Ricans who have already had the permit in the last 10 years or who have an up-to-date American visa from the visa for air travel. Instead, these people will be able to generate an electronic permit known asETAx. This allows entry to Canada as a non-permanent visitor and is also valid for study programs lasting less than 6 months.

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