Municipalities of Costa Rica Could Declare Roads in Atypical Conditions as of Public Interest

    Giving many communities access to basic services such as lighting or water

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    The municipalities are close to being able to declare as public streets those roads in atypical conditions that exist in all corners of the country.The initiative that would allow this municipal action was ruled affirmatively in the Municipal Affairs Commission. Now it will be known directly in the Plenary.

    “A project aims to make atypical streets known, so they cannot segregate properties.It also establishes regulations so that people cannot  segregatefor being able to opt for a bond or a bank loan that is possible today,” explained ErwenMasis, deputy proponent.

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    Currently, there is no specific law specifying the criteria for declaring a street as of public interest in those known cases when a road is for common use.In this way, it seeks to provide a legal tool for local governments. This in order to avoid any wrong interpretation, Masis stressed.

    “In the absence of an institution responsible for this type of declaration, thousands of people do not have access to basic services such as lighting or water (…) approving this law is giving them the opportunity to improve their quality of life,” said Masis.

    What changes with the project?

    The proposing deputy, defended that his plan can be part of the road improvement of each municipality and therefore, of each canton.Likewise, there would be better conditions for the mobility of people as well as access to ambulances, firefighters and security or transit officials.

    The project now passes into the hands of the Plenary who must decide whether to put the project to a vote or decide to present motions.

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