More than 300 Entrepreneurs Will Gather in Costa Rica to Promote the Business Sector

    Event is organized by BNI Costa Rica within the framework of its tenth anniversary, and seeks to provide training, business tools and networking spaces for business growth in our country

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    Currently, it is very important that large, medium and small companies, as well as entrepreneurships, have spaces to boost their operations. This is because it has been shown that dynamic and growing businesses drive the economies of countries. In addition, they manage to create more and higher quality employment, they also stimulate productivity, and raise the national income and that of its collaborators.

    Data from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC) indicate that, as of 2017, the Costa Rican business park was made up of 108,079 micro-enterprises, 16,900 small, 5,409 medium-sized, and 3,377 large companies. In total, according to the data, 133,765 companies are registered in the country. Of these, 97.5% are SMEs.

    For Steven Carvajal Ruffley, national director of BNI Costa Rica, an international organization specialized in Business Networking, these data show the importance of creating spaces for rapprochement, training, and development where companies can learn new business tools, such as networking and referral marketing, for the creation of new trusted contacts that promote the growth of their companies and the creation of jobs.

    Provide training, business tools and networking

    Precisely, to promote this type of spaces, and within the framework of its Tenth Anniversary, BNI Costa Rica will hold its Fourth National Convention, which aims to bring together more than 300 national and international businessmen to provide training, business tools and networking. The latter, in recent years has become one of the main commercial tools for companies. “It is a tradition at BNI to encourage this type of space. With the Fourth Convention of BNI Costa Rica, we seek that as many entrepreneurs as possible have access to tools to build a network of business opportunities. All this, through the generation of relationships of trust with other entrepreneurs that could help them generate new and more profitable businesses”, stated Carvajal Ruffley.

    The event will take place on September 7th, 2023, at the National Auditorium of the Children’s Museum. This will have a schedule from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will be open to all national and international businessmen. “At BNI we provide networking tools, with which the entrepreneur will develop message clarity and search for contacts. This to efficiently approach your potential market and, with it, a natural process of growth and reactivation of your business. An event like the Fourth National Convention of BNI Costa Rica is very important, because it comes to give new value and knowledge to the leaders of the companies, which causes a transformative effect within the organizations. It also reinforces the issue of culture and business belonging”, mentioned Carvajal Ruffley.

    Business tools for business growth

    Carvajal Ruffley added that, during the event, there will be the participation of various international speakers specialized in business. With this, he said, the aim is to give attendees business tools so that they can apply them in their organizations, to rethink or restructure their business strategies.

    Among the invited specialists are the Mexican Nicolas Hauff, specialist in Business Strategy, and who will give the conference “Strategy-Based Leadership: The starting point to promote sustained growth in your business”. Hauff has more than 30 years of professional experience as an entrepreneur, board member and CEO in the IT and Professional Services fields. In addition, he is a business strategist and Certified Scaling Up Coach since 2012.

    Likewise, the international speaker and executive coach, Antonio Grande, will develop the seminar “Great people for great organizations”. In it, the expert will delve into the keys to help both inside and outside the organization to achieve greatness and lift the spirits of the people who make it up, promoting an adequate organizational culture.

    In addition, the Englishman Mark Gibson, national director of BNI Spain CNM, will present and give sales tools in his conference “The Psychology of Sales”. In it, Gibson will explain aspects of the psychology of both the seller and the buyer in any sales process. He will share how to bridge the gap between the buyer’s and seller’s positions and teach how to structure a sales presentation using “The Law of 6” to highlight the advantages of any product or service and how to overcome objections. In addition, he will explain 10 different types of closing a sale.

    In addition to the talks, various activities will be carried out to promote business contact between the participants. One of them is a speed networking session, which consists of 1-minute meetings between two businessmen. When the time is up, the couples change in order to promote knowledge among all the participants, they can exchange the lines of business of each one and analyze the possibility of doing business.

    “The more companies are connected, the easier the connections to do business will be. It is this network that helps to achieve results and achieve objectives, be they business, personal, academic, cultural, among many others. BNI has a very great power. It is very different to pick up the phone and try to find a contact I do not know and who does not know me, than to ask a person who does know who I am looking for and who also knows me to help me get there. There are many business opportunities for many people, and what BNI Costa Rica seeks is to give different entrepreneurs the opportunity so that more and more people get to know them and become interested in their businesses”, mentioned the national director of BNI Costa Rica.

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