Check How Your Heart Is Doing Before High-Intensity Exercise Such as Running

    One of the risks of doing physical activity without some prior medical evaluation is, for example, the so-called sudden death

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    Every time someone makes the decision to engage in high-intensity physical activity, such as running -not to mention a marathon-, they don’t take the time to consult with a cardiology specialist to tell them how their blood pressure and level are. of cholesterol. “Only in this way can we know how our heart is going to respond,” said Andrés Garzona, a cardiologist at the Cardiovascular Center of Excellence and the Sports Cardiology Clinic of the Metropolitan Hospital.

    One of the risks of carrying out physical activity without prior medical assessment is, for example, the so-called sudden death. This is the sudden onset of cardiac arrest in a person who appears to be healthy and well.

    Medical history and vital signs

    And how is it possible to know how the heart is? Garzona explains that this is possible once the person’s medical history is known. But, in addition, a study of vital signs, an electrocardiogram and a stress test are carried out.

    “I had the opportunity to do research in sports cardiology at a specialized center at the Mayo Clinic in the United States, which is why we are already replicating its model atthe Sports Cardiology Clinic.Here we are evaluating the players from DeportivoSaprissa, the Alajuelense Sports League and, probably, from other teams”, declared the cardiologist, who insists that “before buying tennis shoes, check your heart”.

    More factors to be considered

    Garzona points out several important considerations for people to take care of their hearts:

    • Refrain from smoking

    • Exercise regularly

    • Follow a heart-healthy diet

    •Keep a healthy weight

    • Maintain cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels at a healthy range Regarding smoking, the World Heart Federation provides relevant information: “Tobacco represents a serious threat to human health and claims the lives of more than 8 million people each year, including 1.2 million non-smokers as a result of passive exposure”.

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