More than 100 Volunteers Cleaned Tamarindo Beach

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    An effort to keep Playa Tamarindo free of waste managed to gather more than 100 volunteers, who put in an intense job in a day in favor of the environment held last weekend.

    The initiative in favor of a beach with a clean waste scenario was undertaken by The Clean Wave Foundation with the support of the Tamarindo Chamber of Commerce and Tourism (CCTT), the Cala Luna Hotel, the Tamarindo Integral Development Association, the Municipality of Santa Cruz, the Public Force, the Fire Department and the Las Baulas National Marine Park. According to The Clean Wave count, the work of the 100 participants allowed the collection of 565 plastic caps, 1,830 cigarette butts, 180 kilos of non-recoverable garbage, 3 kilos of cardboard, 9 kilos of glass, 5.6 kilos of plastic recyclable, and 1 kilo of aluminum.

    Andrés Bermúdez, President of The Clean Wave, highlighted that the call of that organization “fell on fertile ground” for the benefit of a community that has one of the main assets to attract national and international tourism on the beach. “Fortunately, we had very good convening power. This shows us that in Playa Tamarindo a powerful movement has been formed in favor of the theme environment that has had a very positive impact throughout the place. This encourages us to continue working on future projects that keep alive the flame of hope to keep our tourist sites in the most optimal conditions”, said Bermúdez.

    As part of last weekend’s agenda in Tamarindo, a “zero waste” Entrepreneurs Fair was held on July 31th with cultural activities, live music, and games for children.

    A citizen initiative

    María José Bravo, Director of Operations of The Clean Wave, highlighted that volunteering has become a “powerful local force” for the development of initiatives in favor of the environment. “It filled us with emotion to see so many people come to clean a place as busy as Tamarindo. Even if they do not live here, they feel this place as their own because they come to vacation at different times of the year, hopefully this success inspires more local people to get involved in these initiatives”, said Bravo.

    HernánImhoff, President of the CCTT, stated that keeping a beach free of waste should become an “unavoidable obligation” to provide a suitable environment for national and foreign visitors. “This type of action should be part of a permanent agenda aimed at safeguarding the scenic beauty of Playa Tamarindo, which is known worldwide for its beautiful sunsets”, said the CCTT leader.

    Tamarindo Bay is crossed by the Matapalo River. Across the river, to the north, is Playa Grande with a wide strip of white sand that extends to Cabo Velas, the westernmost point of the Nicoya Peninsula. At the other end of Tamarindo, to the south, you come to Playa Langosta, a large cove of white sand that is divided by the mouth of the San Francisco River.

    The estuaries of the Río Matapalo and Río San Francisco present extensive mangrove forests that are home to many aquatic birds. Both estuaries and the beaches of Langosta and Grande are part of the Las Baulas National Park.

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