Mónica Correa: The Costa Rican Who Dreamed of Being a Pilot Since She Was a Child

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    Mónica Correa is a Costa Rican who dreamed of being an airplane pilot since being a child, so she did not hesitate to tell her parents that she wanted to work at some point in that profession, to be among the clouds all the time.

    Correa commented that she was always determined and that from the age of 18 she began to study for it. She is one of the few female pilots in the country, but without a doubt shows that with effort and dedication everything can be achieved in life.

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    A dream come true

    Knowing many places in the world was part of that dream and she has already been able to experience several destinations that make her very happy.“I was always determined and everyone told me why not study something else? and I told them no, because I wanted to be a pilot. And luckily, my dream came true,” Correa said.

    After graduating, the Costa Rican started with an airline working in Africa, but during that time she had to put up with machismo. Correa commented that it was complicated, because the treatment of Muslims is difficult and that seeing a woman as a pilot was not to their liking. She also added that many passengers wanted to get off the plane, but the boss told her that she was the only pilot and that if they wanted they could get on or not.

    New opportunity in Costa Rica

    Mónica had a new opportunity with an airline in her own country, where she constantly travels to Mexico, Central America and the United States and confirmed that she is treated with respect here.

    Inspiring other women

    “When I started studying I was almost the only one, but now there are several female pilots. Most people congratulate me, it’s quite beautiful because they feel that it helps inspire other women that any dream can be fulfilled. Here in Costa Rica they have always treated me with equality,” Correa commented.

    Correa also added that it is very nice to get to know other countries, that sometimes the time is very short, but they have to rest a lot to be ready for the flights.

    Finally, Monica said that her other dream is to become a captain and hopes it will be very soon.“The captain is always a person who has more experience, so my next step would be that. I hope it will be soon”, Correa concluded.

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