Holistic Health: Five Trends for 2022

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    Health has undoubtedly been at the epicenter of all decisions. The pandemic has made it necessary to promote care for the body and mind, but also to go one step further. We have begun to bet on new methods with which to improve long-term comprehensive well-being by improving holistic health. This global vision of health, which adapts to an increasingly changing environment, will determine, among other things, the resilience of the population in the coming months.

    With the pandemic, we have begun to bet on new methods with which to improve long-term comprehensive well-being by improving holistic health. Some of the trends that will mark 2022 are personalization or the increase in tools focused on prevention and self-care.

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    • Personalization will revolutionize healthcare solutions

    A global vision of health implies meeting the individual needs of each person, responding to them individually. Physical and mental health are the areas to give the most importance. However, according to a study, spheres such as financial health, family or access to medical care also directly influence well-being. Based on this idea, one of the great challenges of 2022 will be to provide the individualized response that people demand. Healthy initiatives will be adapted to the particular needs of each individual.Individuals will become an active subject of their own well-being.

    • Prevention and self-care, thus promoting holistic health

    Although before Covid-19 telemedicine had already gained ground, now its adoption has accelerated. Thanks to this, we will witness a change in the monitoring of people’s health status. Also in monitoring active treatments. Through the registration of biometric data that technologies allow, abnormal patterns can be detected in the incipient phases of a pathology. Thus avoiding reaching extreme situations.

    • Mental health care as a preeminent area

    One of the great lessons learned from the health crisis has been how important it is to pay attention to mental health. Therefore, one of the trends that we will witness in the short term is the increase in resources and programs that offer support to the population in terms of mental health. Specifically, the initiatives that can work best are those related to effective stress management, training workshops or coaching sessions.

    • Technological improvement will continue to transform the health culture

    Technology applied to health has become a true ally in guaranteeing quality access to medical care. More and more people are turning to telemedicine to receive expert advice on healthy lifestyle habits.

    And it is that, digital health services have made it possible to access video consultations immediately. This proximity between doctor and patient will be a great disruption in the future of health. Thus becoming a basic in the day to day of people. This would mean a proposal for new care models based on improved communication and coordination between the people involved in a treatment.

    • Financial health will gain prominence in the comprehensive well-being of people

    Personal finances have become one of the main sources of stress. That is why starting the new year reducing that feeling is essential. To achieve this, a simple option is to go to training programs focused on helping to achieve economic stability. Also attend workshops that address topics such as budgeting or money management.

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