“Lucid Dreams”, the Benefits of Being Aware That You Are Dreaming

    The more you learn to control dreams the better

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    A “lucid dream” is characterized because the dreamer is aware of being dreaming. It can come spontaneously or be induced through practice and exercise. Most lucid dreams happen in the paradoxical dream stage and through a fortuitous process or triggered by learning. The awareness of dreaming gives the dreamer the possibility to deliberately control the content and development of dreams.

    This experience occurs in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase, in which reveries take place. “It is a shallow phase that occurs several times during the night and generally precedes the awakening,” says expert Iñaki Martín-Subero, an expert in the art of “dream yoga”.

    According to the British author Celia Green, four factors induce sleep recognition:

    -The tensions of a nightmare situation.

    -The questions raised by inconsistent and irrational dream content (contradictory images). -The memory of an introspective technical observation or the spontaneous recognition, for no apparent reason, that the experience is different from that of the waking state.

    Regarding the first factor, although violent and sexual emotions are a frequent cause of lucidity, this can also appear due to strong emotion, but with pleasant connotations. Rarely, lucid dreams occur gradually.

    “MILD” technique to realize a lucid dream:

    The “MILD” technique (Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream) was developed or rather made known to the general public by Stephen Laberge of Stanford University. It is used when you wake up from a dream and go back to sleep. While this is happening you should:

    -Remember the recent dream: Before falling asleep again, remember your recent dream as best you can.

    -Develop the intention: As you fall asleep, repeat the phrase to yourself: «I am going to fall asleep and I am going to dream. I will remember this and I will realize when I am dreaming ».

    -Visualize: Once you feel that attention is well “fixed”, visualize the dream you just woke up from, and imagine that within it you realize that you are dreaming.

    – Repeat the previous steps: While you fall asleep, your mind will start to go everywhere; you must “bring” it back to your object of attention, fix your attention and visualize until you fall asleep.

    This technique is easier to practice during the last hours of sleep in the early morning, due to the higher density of REM.

    Benefits of “lucid dreams”:

    The fact that you are conscious while sleeping and able to do a lot of amazing things is not the only advantage of this kind of dreams:

    -They reinforce memory: The fact that you remember each dream you have, it is better for strengthening your ability for retention in the brain.

    -It stimulates creativity: Being aware that your dream is great for the imagination since you are the architect of your dream and you can model it at your whim.

    -It increases the ability to concentrate: This goes hand in hand with memory, since, remembering your dreams more frequently, you will be able to concentrate during the day and in everyday situations.

    -It helps you fight stress: Those who have lucid dreams can better cope with their obligations, as they wake up in a better mood and even acquire the ability to find creative solutions.

    Finally, having lucid dreams can transform your routine in many ways. It is just a matter of having some practice and a good attitude, you can realize all the potential that you are keeping in your subconscious, and make the most of it.

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