Medicine Ceremonies And Sacred Plants

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    Sacred plants have been used in ceremonies throughout the ages, and by many different cultures and even religions.  Medicine ceremonies are different than what you may have experienced when compared to other ceremonies, such as weddings, baptisms, bar mitzvahs, etc.

    A medicine ceremony usually includes a spiritual ceremony in which a healing plant is being ingested or smoked.  Those who participate are there with the intentions of spiritual growth or healing.  Ceremonies are performed by a competent and experienced shaman who has long experience with the power medicine plant that they work with.  They are highly trained in shamanic practices and use sacred songs throughout the sacred ceremony.  The shaman is there to assist and support the participants by creating a sacred environment for their spiritual journey.  For these reasons, the energetic and spiritual level of the shaman you choose is of utmost importance.

    Recently medicine ceremonies have become very popular, and are now being offered through various retreat centers around the world.  But many unqualified or untrained shamans, charlatans, and spiritual novices have also appeared offering sacred ceremonies.  Many of these are taking advantage of those seeking healing, growth, and enlightenment.  Those who are not fully qualified, trained, or in integrity simply don’t have the spiritual qualifications, knowledge, or inner strength needed to perform these enlightening and powerful ceremonies.  Therefore, it is vital that you choose a shaman of impeccable character, one who has training and experience working with sacred plants and has completed the necessary initiations to be considered a true shaman.

    Role of the Shaman

    A sacred ceremony requires that a shaman channels very high spiritual energies.  The purity and power of the shaman will affect the power of the plant medicine to heal, uplift, and enlighten the participants.   These plant medicines each have their own sacred songs, and a shaman must know these as, for maximum benefits, these prayers and mantras are chanted throughout the ceremony.  Even a shaman must properly prepare themselves for any sacred ceremony.  That may include fasting, time in a sweat lodge, abstaining from certain activities and foods before the ceremony, and quiet time in solitude.

    Preparation For the Participant

    If you want to gain the very most benefit from a medicine ceremony, then it is vital to approach it in the ‘right’ way.  When you consider this to be a sacred journey, and your intentions are for knowledge, healing, and enlightenment.  Just as the shaman must properly prepare for a sacred ceremony, so must the participants prepare themselves beforehand spiritually and physically.  Fasting should be done before the ceremony, with only a light breakfast of fruits on the morning of the ceremony.  There are a number of restrictions to be adhered to, such as no alcohol, meat, or sex for 3-5 days before the ceremony.  Use of any mind-alerting drugs before or during the medicine ceremony are forbidden.  The participant’s spiritual level will also affect the ceremony.  Those who are looking for a ‘high’, or see the ceremony as ‘fun’ will actually limit, and even decrease the experience for everyone in the group.  Taking the time to meditate, getting clarity on what your intentions are for participating, and be willing to open to the full experience will affect the sacred journey for you.

    Be Open to Miracles

    Medicine ceremonies open us to healing, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.  Due to the influences of harmful chemicals found in many pharmaceutical drugs, water and food, and electro-magnetic interference from being on our phones and computers all contribute to a disconnection with the divine.  That is one of the greatest benefits of participating in a sacred ceremony – reconnecting with your own divine nature.  For the greatest and most uplifting experience, the key ingredient is perfect surrender to the journey.  Working with sacred plants has the power to achieve healing on a soul level.

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