The Art of Dreaming With Herbs

    Natural remedies that can assist in having a richer, more vivid dream life

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    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”- Eleanor Roosevelt

    Since childhood I have been an avid and active dreamer. I have lived a rich dream life filled with travels to other worlds, unlimited possibilities of perceptions, complex yet rewarding lessons, and countless journeys. I have found great joy in the dream travels I have had.  I have used the dreams as guidance for my life by tuning in to the robust symbolism, and archetypal messages that often come to life in our dreams.

    Dreaming with Herbs

    Throughout the various shamanic cultures found across Earth, there is a common belief that there exists a parallel spirit world in addition to our ordinary physical world. It is to this invisible spirit world that the shamans journey to bring back the wisdom and power of the spirit guides.  Through a change in consciousness, shamans enter into altered states and into the various realms of the spirit world.  Each night as we dream, our soul journeys to the spirit worlds.

    I have met many people who have never remembered a single dream … and others who have rarely remembered dreaming.  Many of these people deeply desire the experience of dreaming, yet they have thought they were incapable. There are also others who once thought they would never dream. Later they discovered that, with the help of certain herbs, they were able to make a shift in their ability to remember dreams.  Some of these people even developed the ability to experience lucid dreaming.

    One of the beautiful aspects of nature is that there are many natural remedies that can assist us in having a richer, more vivid dream life.

    When addressing sleep and dream issues we need to consider if we are getting enough consistent deep sleep. If we have trouble falling or staying asleep, this could be eliminating the dream time experience. If solid sleep has been an issue, there are several herbs that can safely help you relax and enjoy a solid night’s sleep.

    Dreaming with Herbs

    In addition to herbs that promote healthy relaxed sleep, many of these herbs also assist in remembering dreams, enhancing the vividness or intensity of dreams, or promoting lucid dreaming. Lucid dreamers are known to be able to navigate their dreamscape with awareness, consciousness, and clarity. They can direct their dreams, ask questions, gain wisdom, confront fears and challenges, and gain growth for their soul. For these reasons, many people desire to learn the art of lucid dreaming.   And to do that – one must develop awareness of their dream life.

    Common sense tells us that the things of the earth exist only a little, and that true reality is only in dreams.” – Charles Baudelaire

    I have listed a variety of herbs that may assist with the sleeping and dreaming process. Please be aware that it is always wise to learn as much as you can about any remedy, treatment, medicine, or therapy. If any of these herbs sound like something you would like to try, please do the research and learn the proper dosage, methods for use, properties, and so on.

    Sweet dreams…

    Dreaming with Herbs

    Passionflower is very relaxing and sedating, helping to bring about a calmer dream state. Passionflower helps to relieve pain, and promote a tranquil experience. Recommended use as a tincture.

    Valerian Root has been known for centuries to calm the body, relax the muscles, and to promote deep sleep. Valerian has also been known to induce lucid dreaming. It can help create more vivid and intense dreams. Many people also report that valerian greatly improves the ability to remember their dreams.  Valerian is best enjoyed as a tincture or a tea.

    Mugwort is used to help remember dreams. It has been known to enhance vivid, lucid and prophetic dreams. Mugwort helps to heighten your consciousness in order to be aware of what is currently happening.  Traditionally mugwort is enjoyed as a tea or in dream pillows, yet some people enjoy smoking mugwort.

    Calea Zachatechi is called the Dream Herb. It comes from Mexico, and has been scientifically proven to increase reaction time and frequency of dreams.  As well as encourage vivid and lucid dreams. Best taken as a tea.

    Dreaming with Herbs

    African Dream Root (Silene Capensis) is said to have the ability to induce remarkably vivid and prophetic dreams. It is also known as Ubulawu.  Some traditions believe that you can ask a question of importance before bed, and after sleeping while under the influence of this herb you, will wake with the answers – which will have come to you through your dreams.

    Datura is a very powerful, fragrant flower found throughout the world. It is known to assist in supporting lucid and vivid dreams. Datura is excellent added to a dream pillow. You can also place a couple of the flowers inside of a pillowcase. This flower should never be ingested.

    If nightmares or night terrors have been an issue, you may have become frightened away from deep sleep or dreaming. Thankfully there are several herbs known to assist with warding off nightmares, and promoting tranquil sleep.

    • Dreaming with HerbsBurdock is effective at keeping negativity, anger, and sadness from your dream state.

      Burdock helps to calm the mind, and guide it away from nightmares.
    • Anise‘s licorice-like fragrance is known to keep nightmares away.
    • Chamomile is deeply calming, relaxing, and said to keep frightening dreams away.
    • Mullein can help you to ward off nightmares, and is known to promote pleasant dreams.

    Dreams come from your innocent soul, from the pure aspect of yourself, to teach you and to wake you up to who you really are. Your dreams will direct you on your path, if you take notice of them. The spirits talk to you through your dreams. Listen to them.” – Anonymous

    WRITTEN BY: Zahrah Sita               [email protected]

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