Learn Little Spells to Change the Energy of Your Home

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    From a holistic perspective, FengShui expert Tess Whitehurst shares rituals and proposals to transform both the appearance and vibrations of the home.

    When you clean your house you are also cleaning your mind, your body, and your spirit.

    Here we share some useful tips and practices related to clearing objects, cleaning, and removing “strange” or “low” energies from the home. The 9 steps of the “guru of order” to make drawers impeccable are:


    Everything is connected. When we look at our homes with this in mind, we see that they are like extensions, or reflections, of our bodies, our lives, and our emotional landscapes. This illustrates the famous magical precept of Hermes Trismegistus, “as above, so below”.

    Above, the visible and externally manifested world (our home), and below, the invisible and internally manifested world (our thoughts, feelings and experiences)

    This connection between the visible and the invisible, as far as personal abodes are concerned, is something we are already aware of. You have probably already had the experience of getting rid of old junk and felt a surprising increase in your amount of clarity, comfort, energy, and joy.

    These positive feelings come from things like being able to find exactly what you are looking for, being surrounded exclusively by what you like to look at, not having the responsibility of caring for and harboring objects that you don’t care about, and opening the closet and looking at it being full of clothes you like.

    And not only that, but from a magical point of view, clutter represents and contains heavy, stagnant energy, which can make it difficult, if not impossible, to move forward in life. Getting rid of clutter releases this stagnant energy, allowing your life to flow in a healthier, happier, and more optimistic way.

    Black tourmaline and other fashionable crystals

    The first time I really cleaned up the clutter, I was living in a tiny (but adorable) Hollywood apartment with my boyfriend and cat. I had just finished reading a book called Free Yourself with FengShui by Karen Kingston, and I was transformed into a tornado of simplicity, going through drawer after drawer and cabinet after cabinet, pulling, giving, fixing what was messed up, and finishing unfinished projects. I didn’t stop for 2 weeks, and I threw away or gave more than 8 large garbage bags full of unnecessary items. I was surprised that I had enough space for everything I had accumulated.

    And when I had finished, I started to eat healthier (not having clutter in my house made me not want to introduce disorder in my body), to exercise more (the stagnant energy had disappeared from my home, and I felt an energy and a natural lightness) and to feel more inspired and empowered (I no longer had the feeling of being a slave to my possessions, and I felt as if I had regained my life and could choose where I wanted to focus my attention and energy).

    Cleaning up

    Cleaning the house is a powerful magical intervention. Since (a) everything is connected, and (b) your outer environment reflects your inner environment, when you clean your house you are also cleaning your mind, body and spirit. This allows you to experience increased energy, happiness, clarity and health, which in turn increases your ability to manifest your desires and provides your life with ideal conditions.

    Not only that but approaching cleanliness from a magical rather than a mundane point of view transforms all aspects of the experience. This becomes an adventure of raising the vibrations; a transcendental, aroma-therapeutic and awareness practice that activates and reinforces the magical energies of your home.

    And if you still do not like cleaning, it should at least be a little less heavy on you. Approaching cleanliness from a magical point of view, rather than a mundane one, transforms all aspects of the experience.


    Make sure you buy or prepare green cleaning products. Recognizing and honoring our connection to Mother Earth helps us feel connected to her.

    Essential oils- These are highly concentrated, totally natural vegetable aromas that you can buy online and in most health food stores. Adding between 10 and 20 drops of one or more of these oils to your cleaning products will not only give them a delicious fragrance, but it will also work on an emotional level to positively affect your mood and life experience, as well as the energetic vibrations of your house.

    • Cedar: It enhances spirituality, strength, high vibrations.

    • Cinnamon: It enhances prosperity, high vibrations (be careful; it can irritate the skin).

    • Roman sage: It enhances euphoria, clarity.

    • Lavender: It enhances relaxation.

    • Lemon: It enhances freshness, energy, happiness.

    • Mint: It enhances energy, love, high vibrations.

    • Rose or pink geranium: It enhances romance, spirituality, high vibes.

    • Rosemary: It enhances concentration, memory.

    • Tangerine: It enhances warmth, abundance.

    Flower Essences- More than the fragrance of a plant, it can be said that a flower essence is a prepared potion. It is the energetic vibration, or unique emotional wisdom of a flower. They are often used as homeopathic remedies, placed under the tongue or mixed with water, but I also use them in magical home care to change the vibration and sensation of space.

    While cleaning, you may want to listen to inspiring music to keep the energy flowing in a healthy way. You could also burn incense or diffuse essential oils in an essence burner or any other fragrance diffuser to unblock and dissipate the old energy that is being released.

    Also, since your outside environment reflects your inside environment, and vice versa, you will need to drink a lot of water, because cleaning your house will stimulate the detoxification process of your body. The place can also be smoked with herbs such as white sage or incense such as Nag Champa.

    Finish with a personal cleanse- As you cleanse, your body releases toxins through the pores of your skin. In addition, your aura sometimes absorbs energy debris. To dissolve and remove these toxins, take a bath when you are done. Add at least 1 cup of sea salt to the water. Sea salt and/or peppermint will help dispel and neutralize all negativity and raise your personal vibrations.

    Clearing the space

    Clearing clutter and cleaning help remove both physical and energetic dirt from your home and life. Clearing the space helps tighten the energy in your home even further by eliminating remaining negativity, attracting fresh, abundant and sparkling energy, and raising vibrations to a very high and harmonious level. If you do this, it is unlikely that between the walls of your house there will be arguments, squabbles, confusion and general negativity, and laughter, inspiration, clarity, joy and frank love will rise to the surface.

    There are many ways to clear the space. Whichever method or methods you choose, I suggest you open as many windows and doors as possible before you begin. This is because what you are going to do is create a healthy movement in the energy flow. When energy has more places to flow, fresh energy can enter more easily and in greater abundance.

    Here are some simple elements of space clearance:


    Loud clapping in corners and along the perimeter of rooms unlocks and releases stagnant energy. Afterward, wash your hands to clear them of any negativity they may have absorbed.

    Rattles, drums, and tambourines

    Like clapping, they release negativity and heaviness and keep energy flowing in a healthy way. Go through the space with your chosen instrument, concentrating on the corners, dark spots, and perimeter of rooms.


    They raise the vibrations and fill the rooms with sweetness and light. Pick bells with sounds that you really like and ring them in the rooms.


    Slowly and fully humming the “Om” sound, at least 3 times in every room and area, can gently cleanse negativity and powerfully raise vibrations.
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